Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I think you can hear the bones snap!

The shoot I did for Kink.com's new Naked Combat website was just released today. I've only seen the trailer so far but that was enough to have me curl up into the fetal position with memories of how messed up I was after that shoot. My cracked ribs have healed but, 2 months later, my toe is just as swollen as it was the day it broke and it doesn't bend at all even if you try to force it with your hand. I have an doctor's appointment to get that checked out again today at lunch time. I'm thinking they might break it again so that it sets right this time. Or maybe I'll just have a permanent souvenier from the shoot.

Anyway, here is the trailer and some pics from the shoot. I also included a link if you want to view the whole video and watch me get my ass kicked and Tyler get his ass fucked.




Y said...

Ah Nick,you bad boy.You top Tyler!
So only a few get to top our Nick?
We have to change that.Your ass screams to be punished:)lol
The vid looks feaking hot!

Stan said...

Good luck with the doctors Nick. I hope you get all better and mended soon.

Y said...

And hope the toe will heal fine!!

Anonymous said...

OMG the atomic jockstrap weggie was really nasty on tylers part -- hope you punded his hole good for that.

Miss you on boundgods Master Nick. Love your enthusiasm and skill and your smile of course. Oh yeah-- your cock and the way it stays rock hard throughout the shoot.


Nick Moretti said...

Thanks for the thumbs up on the Bound Gods work!!! You can tell that I really LOVE what I do there.

FYI: I have a new video coming out in a week or two with a HOT new sub (Luke Riley) and I'm filming with them again at the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it, so will watch for it and get Master's permission to view it.

You vids always make me horniest as since I am in permanent chastity and not allowed orgasm, Master likes when your porn frustrates me.