Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome home...

I picked up my dog Cynder from the kennel after work tonight. She was pissed at me at first for leaving her there for a couple of days. (It's only her second time in a kennel.) But after I got her home and tickled her stomach and gave her tons of kisses she was laughing and licking my face. Wish there was someone here to tickle my stomach and give me kisses. She's gonna be pissed at me again on Thursday because she's going back in the kennel while I go to San Francisco to film with Bound Gods again. But at least tonight we're going to bed on good terms and I'll have her to cuddle up with. I missed my little baby girl.


Y said...

She is so adorable,Nick!You are so lucky to still have her there with you.

My cat used to be angry with me too when I left her home alone for a day or two:)

Major_Hutch said...

Awww what a cutie pie. Cynder thats such an awesome name! My dog used to give me the colder shoulder for like 20 minits after I got back from my tours. I'd be gone a week-weeks and weekends. It never lasted long. I'd get licked to death. My parents called me puppy breath for years.
It's true a pup is man's best friend.
Tickles your tummy and give ya kisses.....haha move to canada..!. I'll tickle your tummy and give ya kisses.

Stan said...

That's the beauty of dogs, they live in the "now" and all is forgiven after a while.
It's too bad you don't know of someone trust worthy enough to dog sit for you. I hate kennels. I have been dog sitter for friends and they really appreciated it especially for older dogs who can't handle the stress of a kennel and seperation.
Have a safe and enjoyable trip out to SF. I so want to get back out there again some day myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick you have a female I have a male lets make a match and have pups......Ned

Nick Moretti said...

She's not the prettiest shi-tzu in the world but she has a certain charm. If you look closely at the picture you can she she has great teeth. Both of them! LOL

I wish I had someone to watch my dog. My ex's roommate used to watch her and the 2 of them loved each other. Sadly, that is not an option any more.

And as far as mating her:
She's old (over 10 now) and she's been fixed. She's still a virgin... like her daddy! ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's quite hard to believe a sexy daddy like yourself can not find someone to tickle and kiss you! :)