Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It ain't over till the rat birdy sings

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera. I think I was the only person in the world who didn't have one at this point. So this morning, while I was waiting for the "rat guy" to arrive at my house, I tried out the video function. Since everyone has been so worried about Murphy getting eaten by the rats I did a little video showing you that he is safe and happy and singing. It's just a small clip but he can sing and sing and sing without stopping. It's beautiful. And don't let Cynder fool you... she likes it too.

So the rat guy came, filled in all my holes and put some traps in the addict. $470 later I should be on my way to becoming rat free! God I can't wait. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm being held hostage in my house by these damn rats. They eat through everything and have done so much damage. Hopefully this is the end of the line for them.

I'm completely exhausted today. I stayed up WAY too late last night doing my taxes. I actually slept about 3 hours. Ugh. Yes, I know... I waited till the last minute. In my defense I was waiting to get the 1099's from all of the porn companies I worked for this year. They DON'T take out taxes when they pay you. So I am responsible for paying them now. Thank God there are some deductions you can take connected with the "modeling". It kind of all evened itself out in the


Pick said...

"... the rat guy came, filled in all my holes ..."

Oh man, I'm trying SO hard to be good!

Love Murphy ... how can anybody not be happy when they hear that? Definitely texted my vote for him on Idol! ;o[)

Stan said...

What a pretty song! I love how Cynder just had to get in on the act too. I hope you'll be rat free soon.
Forgive me Nick, but I can't help LMAO at Picks comment above! Sounds like it could make for a good plot for a hot porno.

gpcrush said...

This rat situation is reminding me whatever Happened to Baby Jane.

I'm glad your bird is safe and yes, your holes got filled. I'm sure he'll have to make a follow up visit to check his handiwork. *g*


Sue said...

OMG! How pretty that bird sings!

I'm assuming that you can cover the cage to shut it up though. That could be pretty annoying if it went on all night. Sheesh! As a former Lovebird owner I know, I wanted to strangle the damn things they were all like "Cheep, cheep, cheep!!!" day in and day out and not softly either. I finally sold them. Perhaps I should have bought a canary. Maybe I'll go buy one now.

James said...

Great song from Murphy. I do hope he is quiet (4 hours a night?)when you sleep. I noticed part of your house while you filmed the clip...maybe you can give us a home tour sometime. How is the Beta doing? HUG for ya.
James from Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nick I just got a digital camera for my birthday and I've become a porn wannabe...... I've never had sex on film till now and I'm loving it as are the strangers on Xtube! lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on the rats...hope they are gone for good. Liked the clip of Murphy and Cynder. Cute part of your family.

Understand the tax situation, I had to speak to my CPA several times yesterday but all went well. (She is always waiting to the last minute)

What type of camera did you get and are you happy with it? Mine is old and needs updated. Thanks.

Have a GREAT day!
Good Guy Bear :-)

James said...

If my memory is correct, since I've adding to this blog you have purchased a new refrigerator, flat screen tv, and new digital camera. It's a good thing you have that well paying design job. Just thought I'd give you crap, just for once. HUG
James from Iowa

wdavi said...

Good luck with R. problem. I won't mention them, as bring a good vibe. Murphy's quite a chirper.

Kristie~ said...

I can understand the tax crunch thing. Ugh. I did the same. And being a Realtor has the same issues, no taxes taken outta your pay. But yes, you can search for those deductions. LOL
Love Murphys song.