Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The bears have been released!

"Bears in Paradise" has officially been released by Pantheon Productions. I've seen the trailer and some photos from it and it really looks great. Remember this is my first on screen bottom only performance and I did it with Tim Kelly (someone I used to date and who is now my best friend). Although I haven't viewed the scene yet, I've been told that they did get the "pre-cum" on film. I NEVER pre-cum, so this was a very special occasion for me.

Here's what the guys at Pantheon wrote about me and my scene on their HotOlderMale Blog...

"Ahhhhh, Nick, Nick, Nick and that incredible dick, dick dick... I don't mean to reduce him to just his cock because he's got the smile and the bod to go with it, and quite honestly we focus on another amazing asset in this video, and by ASSet, I mean ASS. It is a sweet one and amazing Nick was a bottom-only on camera for the first time with big daddy Tim by a pool in a gorgeous home."

I posted some photos from the film at the bottom of this post. If you want to find out more about "Bears in Paradise" or buy it CLICK HERE.

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James said...

WOW Nick,
HOT photos on a Wednesday AM. What a way to brighten the day! You are lookin' GOOD, MAN!!! I could just HUG both of you's all day!
James from Iowa (yes, Iowa!!! gay marriage in about 3 weeks. We are PROUD!!!!)

wdavi said...

The pictures are great! Yours is especially awesome!

Stan said...

Tim Kelly and Nick Moretti! WOOF! Looking good there kiddo!

Yes James, a salute to IOWA and now VERMONT. A change is coming!

Kristie~ said...

Fantastic photos!! You do look wonderful!

ultraaman said...

just wondering about soemthing now that you were performing on the other side. when topping i'm guessing you kind of know how to pose yourself to get good angles/lighting/etc. did you do anything new/different once you flipped?

Nick Moretti said...

Sorry it took so long to reply to your comment.
It was TOTALLY different being a bottom on film.
First of all... it was a lot EASIER!
Second, you have a lot more control over how you look when you are the bottom. You can "pose" yourself much better than when you are a top. As top you have to worry about not blocking your weiner or casting shadows on the bottom and you have to hold or support the bottom as you are fucking them. The bottom can concentrate more on the way he actually looks at the time. At least that's what I thought. Of course, I haven't even seen this scene yet so maybe I didn't do a good job with it. We'll find out!

ultraaman said...

5 days late? the nerve! :P

thanks buddy, was always just something i was curious about. i seriously doubt there's anything bad about the scene but i'll make sure to check you out just to verify everything came out alright. pun intended.