Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun at the Fair!

I was going to post some pictures of me and some friends hanging by the pool but then I found this little video that someone took of the live show I did with Van Darkholme at the Folsom Fair this year. If you were there then you probably saw it. I figured as long as I was posting pictures of me at fairs (Like the ones from my Bubbaclicks.net shoot) I would stay with the theme and post this. If you like what you see click here to go to the Bound Gods site where there's plenty more videos with Van and Wolf and I.

Basically it's me naked, bound and hung from the rafters with a rope around my dick that is tied to Wolf Hudson's balls. He's naked, bound and semi-suspended half way across the stage with a rope in his mouth that is tied around my cock. Everytime Van tortures one of us the other jerks forward and yanks the rope, pulling on the cock or balls. This clip has the part where van electroshocks my cock and balls.

Good times.


James said...

The quality of the clip isn't very good Rick. Sorry to say. You are are blurry. However the audio is so loud, I had to turn down my volume. How about more Bubba photos, guy?
James from Iowa

Stan said...

It's poor quality but I get the idea. Very HOT! Wish I were there to see it live or better yet participate.