Friday, April 24, 2009

Daddy got back!

I finally took some time to get the photos from my "Daddy" shoot with Pantheon Productions for the "Brief Encounters" movie, which is actually number one on a couple of the charts! You can see more photos at the bottom of this blogpost.

Considering that I was a top in the film it's amazing that most of the photos were off my butt. Not that I'm complaining... I think it looks pretty good. I'd fuck me! I have to admit I like my non-daddy look better. It's good to have the option to do both for now. Pretty soon I'll be daddy 24/7.

I have my studio shoot with Brian from tonight and then 2 more photo shoots tomorrow (one of them for Bear Party Magazine). That's a lot of photo shoots! I'm gonna take Sunday to myself... the beach or pool, frozen drinks, non-healthy food. I need a day like that.

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Anonymous said...

Whose your DADDY????? Again WOW!!! Those photos are amazing. THANKS for sharing them with us. I personally like your daddy look. You look hot either way.

Good Luck with all your photo shoots this weekend. Hope they go well. Please share the finished product.

Have a GREAT day.
Goodguy Bear :-)

Pick said...

Holy Cheeseburger Lean Pockets Batman!!!

I'm still gasping and hyper-ventilating here.
Woof-a-licious is a total and complete understatement for those pix. You sexy devil you!

I'm a vegetarian but if ingesting a few CLP's would give me even 1% of that hotness, I'd make the sacrifice ... I hear you are what you eat. Or was that "who" you eat? ;o[)

Have a blast with all the upcoming shoots ... can't wait to see some of the results.

Good for you for all the success! Congrats!

Stan said...

Good luck with the shoot Nick. I like your "look" either way too! But oh the fantasy's I have of you being a dom top of me! WOOF! said...

Daddy come to Pappa.....miss your emails ....Ned

James said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos and congrats on the 'exposure' you so definitely deserve.

You're a HOT HAIRY ITALIAN MAN and you get my blood pumping!!! I'd worship you before I'd fuck you.

All my lust, James from Iowa.

wdavi said...

Me Likey Daddy!! What a hot set of Photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm gasping here too:) I wanna be a porn star haha

Anonymous said...

You're truly a stunner, man. Oh, the things I'd do to you... and leet you do to me...


Scott said...

Wow....awesome pics...although when you start with a great subject, you really can't go wrong. Daddy does have back! You look fantastic. Did Chris take those photos?

Damien said...

Heres my thing.....

Youre very hot and you have a great sexy hairy horny bod - but its your eyes that get me.

They actually have a kindness that radiate out of them.

Sorry Mr Kink Pig - but you seem just a bit sweet :)