Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday Photo Hunt

I spend the day yesterday shooting with one of the best photographers and nicest guys that I know... Brian from What an awesome way to spend Easter Sunday!

We hopped in my pickup truck and drove from Fort Lauderdale to Key Largo keeping an eye out for interesting places to shoot.

First, we stumbled upon a small county fair. It was completely deserted and filled with extremely colorful rides and signs. Perfect!

Next, we saw a huge mound of dirt and some rugged construction trucks right off the highway. I pulled behind the mountain of dirt and before you knew it I was in a jock strap on top of the pile for all the world to see. Then I tore off the jock and climbed into the scoop of this bulldozer truck. Buck naked for all the world to see. Thank God the cops didn't show up. I can't wait to see those photos!

We finally got to Key Largo and found a couple of locations with some great gumbo limbo trees. So there I was, naked as a joy bird, sinking in muck up to my knees as I'm climbing up on the treacherous roots of the trees in search of a place to perch. I'm all cut up and bruised from the journey but from the shots I saw it was worth it.

We also did some shots on these huge rocks and concrete slabs by the side of the ocean. I was holding a very large stick and thrusting it forward savagely (or as savagely as I could pull off). It kind of reminded me of a Greek warrior on mount Olympus preparing for battle.

What a great way to spend Easter Sunday! I'll post more pictures as I get them.


James said...

Nick...i missed your blog all weekend. Great photos. HUG
James from Iowa.

Sue said...

WOW! I cannot wait to see them!

Kristie~ said...

Sounds like some fantastic photos!

Stan said...

you on a pile of dirt in a jock! WOOF! you naked on a bulldozer! WOOF WOOF!
sounds like my kind of Easter Sunday! LOL!

Pick said...

OMG! How funny! There's that "rat" in boxing gloves that I was talking about in my comment about your rat/Kombat post. The little guy just by your left hip (to the right in the first pic). Got a big giggle out of that considering what I said yesterday.

Lovely pix there Mr. Moretti can't wait to see the others too. Man, Brian does great work ... checked it out and love the way he uses light. Seems to suit his subjects and the situations very well. Even *I* could take great pix with subjects like you and the other guys he uses, BUT he takes AMAZING shots! Love them ... thanks for posting the link. He's truly an artist!

Nick Moretti said...

That is NOT a rat. It's a kangaroo. I wish it was a rat. That would be hysterical!!!
I hope my rats are gone soon. I feel like I'm being held hostage by them. It sucks!!!!

Pick said...

Hmmm .... Nick held hostage. Now THERE'S a Bound Gods or Bound Muscle shoot for ya! I'd watch that one. ;o[)

Yup, knew it was a kangaroo ... the Bugs Bunny/Sylvester "rat" was a kangaroo too but Sylvester thought it was a big mouse. Whipped his ass, and poor little Junior was so ashamed of his daddy. Had to have seen it ... loved Bugs and the bunch. Have a friend who does a great Foghorn Leghorn ... "Boy, ah say BOY!" ;o[)