Thursday, April 23, 2009

A good day at the Circus

I guess you guys hated the little video I posted from the Folsom Street Fair. It wasn't the best quality and it probably was a little disturbing. Porn can be like that sometimes.

So here's another shot from my Easter Sunday shoot with Bubba (Brian) from Hope you guys like this better!

I just got off the phone with Bubba and he said a magazine had liked one of the "Fair" photos and wanted to use it. Probably a local bar magazine. Hey, its exposure and any exposure is good! He wants to do a studio shoot tomorrow night and I am psyched! I want to do some nasty, dirty photos with a bad-ass look and my cock hard. Haven't done any of them for a while. Then I can use those to market myself... again. You have to keep doing that, especially when you live so far from where the porn business is (San Francisco & LA). Out of sight... out of mind. So I gotta stay in sight. Of course I'll share those with you guys when I get them.

Today is starting out to be a pretty good day. A Cheeseburger Lean Pocket on the way to work (see photo), my most annoying co-worker called in sick and my boss and another coworker are only here for half the day. A very good day indeed.

Hope you guys have a great day as well!


Pick said...

Hey handsome -

My only complaint with the "Fun at the Fair" vid is that there wasn't more of it. Man, for a Top you sure look great getting the crap knocked out of you. "C'mon Van, you can make 'im squirm better than THAT!" EVIL GRIN!!!! Jeez, I love to watch you sweat Nick.

I think I just discovered why you like those Lean Pocket things so much ... great pic! Wish I was the Lean Pocket! ;o{)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!Talk about brightening someones day. Thanks for the new "Circus" photo. Keep them coming.

Good Luck with the new photo shoot. I'm sure you will be amazing. Keep us updated on how it goes.

Be sure and get lots of work done today (yea, right). Better yet just take the afternoon off.

Have a Great Day!
Goodguy Bear

Anonymous said...

Love the photo! And I agree with Pick-the only problem with the vid was that it's too short. Keep the pics coming, and good luck on your new shoot!

wdavi said...

I can't wait to see the rest of the fair pics! Nick, we know how you love your Lean Pockets, but one for breakfeast? :>|

Stan said...

I like the Fair vid as well. It was just too short. Your the only guy I know that can look that hot eating a lean hot pocket. (Love that stuble!) Damn your good looking!
I saw those on sale at the A&P the other day and thought of you! I didn't see any Cheeseburger though. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Being a European, I always wondered what this strange food is that you obviously adore
Have a fun day
LOL Nick

James said...

Awesome close up photo of you eating. Love the stubble. You're my kind of man.
James from Iowa.