Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Five Questions: Nick Moretti at Unzipped.net!


Unzipped.net just posted an interview I did with them. Want to find out about the Kinkiest thing I've ever done? Why fucking Nick Piston was SO FUCKING HOT? Why am I addicted to Cheeseburger Lean Pockets? and more?
Then click here to check out BELOWTHEBELT.unzipped.net


Anonymous said...

WOW! That was a GREAT interview and loved the photos. I'm really glad for all the exposure this will give you. Let me request that Unzipped feature you as the next monthly centerfold.


Have a GREAT Day.
Goodguy Bear :-)

gpcrush said...

I love this, baby! You are a rock star!

See you soon, yes? yes?


Stan said...

That's a great diet to follow. The way you describe that scene in Blue Movie is the way it really comes off too. Good interview but too short. I want to know more!

James said...

Congrats on your new exposure. Right up your alley in what you wanted. As always HOT photos. so..U R horny all the time? That doesn't surprise me at all. Keep on smiling handsome!
James from Iowa.

wdavi said...

I saw the Blue Movie scene the other day. Electric. The Head Hunters scene, comes in as a close second in total wattage output! So, that Blue Movie scene was really the first time you guys met? Wow :>)

Kristie~ said...

Excellent interview! I would have liked more as well.

Pick said...

If the interviewer was limited to just 5 questions ... how did they keep from making them:

1. Will you *do* me?
2. Will you *do* me?
3. Will you *do* me?
4. Will you *do* me?
5. Will you PLEASE *do* me? ;o[)

Great stuff Nick ...

cub said...

DO we want to know!!

Finally, the mystery of the Lean Pocket solved?! :D