Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching Rats & Naming Fish

So first thing this morning this guy was climbing up in my hole and pulling our dead things. Yup... the rat catcher guy came back and pulled two giant dead rats out of my attic. They smelled disgusting already. Ugh. Hopefully that's the end of it. The holes have been sealed, the rats have been caught, and my wallet has been emptied.

And now for the naming of my fish...

First, THANK YOU GUYS for all of the names you suggested. I guess I was looking for the most creative and different name when I started this contest. But it didn't end up like that. I picked a name for a totally different reason. After I gave James from Iowa shit for submitting "Fishy" as a name he responded by telling me that his daughter had named her Beta fish that name. The thought of a little girl proudly naming her brand new fish with a pure and innocent name brought such a warm and tender feeling to my heart. Honesty, what can be better than that feeling?

So I am proudly borrowing that name from James's daughter's fish and giving it to my new Beta. Every time I call him Fishy I will be reminded of that feeling... the love between a child and her pet. You can't beat that.

Thank you James and your daughter for helping me name the new member of my family... Fishy!

Oh... I got another photo from my shoot with Brian from last weekend. It's one from the construction site and let's just say it shows off my other ASSets. I'll post that next if you guys are interested.



Anonymous said...

Glad the rats are dead and gone with hopes it will stay that way.

Congratulations!!! James on coming up the the fish name. Fishy is sooo cooool. Can't wait for the next contest.

Please keep the new photos coming, I love them.

Have a great day!
Good Guy Bear :-)

Stan said...

Hmmm?? Wonder how the rat catcher looked from the rest of the way up??
Congratulations James! That's a good reason to pick "Fishy" Nick. I hope "Fishy" lives a long healthy life.
Nick, you shouldn't even have to ask us if we want to see a pic of you! You already know the answer! YES! YES! YES! LOL!

Pick said...

Great choice! It tenderized my cynical little heart too when I read that comment from James too.
Thanks for the chance to come up with a bunch of "evil" alternatives ... I had great fun. ;o{)

Hmmm ... Nick's ass? ... construction site?
Damn, I dunno if my heart can take it!
Willing to risk it though. ;o{)

James said...

I've never liked or cared to be the center of attention, however I will step forward this time and take the credit due my daughter and myself. Thanks much for accepting the name Fishy for your Beta.

I hope like hell that your rats are dead and gone. What does the rest of the rat fixer look like??

James from Iowa.

Sue said...

You know that you can't have real shells or coral in the water with the freshwater fish, right??? Because they will dissolve and make the water alkaline and kill the poor Fishy!!! Please remove the white shell I can see in there before it kills the poor fish!

Okay, now that my heart rate is back to normal, why yes I would love to see another shot of you, that would most likely affect my heart rate again!!!

ultraaman said...

aww how cute (the fish name, not the dead rats).

and on your question you know the answer already :)

Anonymous said...

attic not addict

Anonymous said...

Glad all the dead things got pulled out of your hole.


Anonymous said...

mon poison s'appelle phallus

Anonymous said...

Hey email me nick - wanted to share my porn debut with you! lol

tried to email you at the link on your profile but my outlook express doesn't work........:)

Pick said...

Hey, no fair Tom ... we want to see too! ;o{)

Kristie~ said...

Congrats on naming the sweet is that?? Very good choice.
Glad the rats seem to be taken care of.

samaranx said...

Congratulations, Fishy, James and Nick for naming the little guy.

Hugs from Samaranx