Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you hear the echo from there?

So here it is. The photo that makes me blush. You can practically hear the echo emanating from my chocolate starfish. "HELLO... Hello... hello... Is anybody in there? Unfortunately, there hasn't been anybody in ther for a while. LOL.

Well, hope you guys like. Gotta admit I like the way my back and arms look and I LOVE my calves. Those calves are practically MOOOING!!! I would probably fuck me if I didn't know me.

Actually, while I am typing this I looked at my cock and balls in the photo. OK... that looks fucking hot. Great, now I'm blushing again.

Anyway, I'm glad I posted this today. It takes my mind off of a pretty major thing that is going on in my life right now. I went to the surgeon again yesterday and I need to get surgery on my hand. Pretty major surgery. If you are my friend on Facebook we probably talked about it already and thanks for your concern.

I'll let you guys know more about it when I let it actually sink in a little more. I'm really bummed out and sad about it right now.

At least there's this hot and dirty picture to distract me.

13 comments: said... are now sissnedling hot for sure......I am sweating bullets over you..... this pix places you at the tippy top of your game rock on.......whats next hang from the rafters....Ned

Sue said...

OMG! Now I am going to worry about you because of this surgery thing! How serious is it Nick? I mean it is not life threatening, I don't suppose, because you are way too healthy for that! So it must be to treat some chronic and painful condition. Whatever it is, I wish you well with it. Just remember that surgery is curative and find the very best surgeon you can because your life and health is the most important thing.

Pick said...
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Doug said...

That is one beautiful rear view. Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope all goes well with the surgery.

James said...

WOW, what a rearend shot. HOT. HOT. Maybe your starfish be plugged soon. Since I had to drop you on Facebook, I don't know about your hand. Will it affect your job????
James from Iowa

Stan said...

Great shot Nick! You should be proud of yourself. I hope everything turns out for the best with your hand.

Pick said...

Now THAT'S what I call a "stress position". Looks uncomfortable ... but oh SO HOT!
You sexy devil!

I hope the hand isn't going to be as big a deal as you think right now. Remember, doctors usually give the worst case scenario. If a 2nd or 3rd opinion is called for, don't be shy to do that.

Very sorry that life is dealing out a low blow. Just know you've got lots of good thoughts coming your way from all your fans here. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

THANKS for the HOT photo!!! Again, you are every man's fantasy. I really do like getting a new picture everyday.

Sorry about your hand. I will say a little prayer for you. (okay--a big prayer). Hang in there. Please keep us updated.

Flowers always brighten the day.

Goodguy Bear :-) :-) :-)

wdavi said...

Great photos, both today's and the ones from yesterday. I've been trying to get calfs like that for years! I hope the hand thing works out for you. Any surgery can be spooky!(left wrist) Chin up and keep thinking the good thoughts!

wdavi said...

Clearing up any earlier point. Surgery I had, it was on my left wrist.

Scott said...

I think I'm going to faint...and hopefully I'll fall with my face landing right in between those beautiful ass cheeks. Wow....that is one amazing sight there. Thank you for sharing. ;-)

Damien said...

best of luck with the surgery Mr Moretti.

Positive thoughts for you.

And yes I can hear the echo - its soft - inviting and i wanna hear more.

Tom said...

I was in SF for a few days and missed both my Facebook updates and your blog.

What a hot photo! Wow. As a leg man, I am going to have to give you major props for those gorgeous calves.