Sunday, March 15, 2009

What would you pay for a date with Nick Moretti?

Today is the Fort Lauderdale AIDS Walk. I always donate to this great charity and I usually try to volunteer as well. Last year some of the Fort Lauderdale "Porn Posse" volunteered as a group and we handed out water at the halfway point. The first picture shows some of us before the deluge of walkers arrived at our spot. (Matt Rush, Eddie Diaz, Tim Kelly and I with good friends Beto and Robert are featured in that picture.) We all had a great and fun day!

This year, besides donating to a couple of friends who are walking I'm volunteering again. But this year is different. After the walk they are holding a big T-Dance at Rosies a very popular bar restaurant. During the day they will be having contests, raffles and auctions to raise more money for the charity. One of the auctions will be "Win a date with a Porn Star". Yup... my ass is up for auction! Well, maybe not my ass. I guess that depends how the date goes. (Just kidding of course.) So far it looks like Matt Rush, Tim Kelly, Luke Riley and Nick Moretti will be the 4 "prizes" to bid on. Should be fun! I hope I go for a good price. I don't think my ego could use another shot right now.

The second picture is a photo of how I spent my entire day yesterday. It was my first weekend in town without working in a very, very long time. So I took the opportunity to do much needed yard work. I cut back a bunch of rubber trees. DAMN is that hard work. (The second photo shows the pile of branches in front of my house. It's bigger than my truck!) They had grown so tall that they reached higher than the powerlines. All this while sticky sap pours out and covers your body. Now, usually I wouldn't complain about having a white, sticky substance sprayed on me, but this stuff sucks! It fuses to your skin and hair. And I'm covered with hair. Think I'm going to be getting that crap off me for weeks. The worst part about doing a day's worth of yard work is that my hands are killing me today. I have pretty bad arthiritis in my hands and feet (it's hereditery) and today my hands are red, stiff and swollen and hurt like hell. I hope they don't notice at the auction today. I'm sure arthiritic Porn Stars go for a greatly discounted rate.


(Men)O(Rama) said...

I would like to pay a reasonable amount, merely to have a chance to have a nice dinner and just talk! I like your blog a lot, just discovered it, and your personal stuff is great to read, eventhough you seem troubled many times. And that's what makes you human, so that's makes you interesting, so that's what makes me curious! I hope you'll have a great time, both on the night of the auction, and the night of the date; I will be checking in again to see how it went.. Keep all good things up!
Big hug, Alexander

Y said...

Oh it`s great you`re supporting that cause,Nick!
Good luck!

Y said...

Btw you have a beautiful house,Nick!

James said...

It's James from Iowa. It's not fair that i could have bid on a date with you. You didn't tell me about the auction. Always the last to know. It's a rough life, but somebody has to play the part!

Hope you tell us how the auction turned out.
Hugs to ya man.

Stan said...

I agree with Toni your house looks great! Good job cutting those trees down. I hope you feel better soon. Your blog is great to read. I'd pay a million bucks if I had it just to have dinner with you!

Race Cooper said...

How much is a pizza slice and beer? I know you're a cheap date... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice house!

As for paying for a date..... I'm a tragically poor student...... Do you accept 'payment' in other formats? *wink*

Pick said...

Hey from various pix I've seen of you and now the pic of your house and truck, it's obvious the old adage "Big truck/little dick" does NOT apply in your case. ;o[)

Next time you've got a bunch of yard work to do feel free to call on me. I've done over 1/2 acre of landscaping here at my place and love yard work. Besides this Canuck could use a break from winter about now and a little sweatin' never hurt anybody. Just think ... you're own private "yard boy" for free. ;o{)

I don't think you have any worries about the amount you'll bring in on the auction ... and you say "swollen" like it's a bad thing! LOL

Best of luck and have a great time!