Thursday, March 5, 2009

My "Bullwhipped" Weekend

I'm finally getting around to doing a post about the Steel Mill Media shoot for the film "Bullwhipped" that I did 2 weekends ago. The photos along the side go along with the text here. Click on them to see a larger version of that photo. Hope you guys find it interesting. Let me know if it's boring and I won't do it again. Thanks! - Nick

So, I got up about 6am Saturday morning, hopped in my pick-up truck, plugged in my iPod which was loaded up with the movie "Kung Fu Panda", some guided meditations and some dance and spiritual music, and took the 3 1/2 hour drive to Christmas Florida. A town where the city insists that all of it's residents have Christmas decorations on their house all year long.

After getting lost for the last 15 minutes of the trip, I pulled up to two huge gates with huge Christmas wreaths on them. Walking up the steps to the porch I saw a big chalkboard welcome sign for Tober, Tyler & Nick. Nice!

Inside I was greeted by Luke, the owner of the ranch (the guy in the big white cowboy hat). He welcomed me and showed me where to put my bag. Then pointed to the outside deck and told me that Tober and Tyler where there (they had flown in the night before). As I walked out he said, "Oh, I tried to find out what you guys like and I saw on your blog that you like Cheeseburger Lean Pockets. So there are some in the freezer if you want them. OK... I was in love. How thoughtful is that. Luke also scored BIG points with me by introducing me to the culinary delight known as Boiled Peanuts. DAMN were they good! I think I ate about 3 pounds of them during the weekend.

Outside the guys were doing sound checks and after long welcoming hugs we all recorded out consent waivers. You know... "I, Nick Moretti, agree to do this film by my own free will knowing full well that I am going to get the shit beat out of me and possibly be disfigured, maimed or killed in the process, and I promise not to sue if any of those things happen."

We took a break while they set up for the first scene: Tyler's abduction and torture scene. I walked around the ranch checking out the cows and horses and trying not to step in the huge piles of poop that were EVERYWHERE! I'm a Brooklyn boy. We didn't have that kind of stuff there.

By the time I got back, Tyler had already filmed his "B Roll" stuff (that's the dialog that sets up the scene) and was tied to the front bumper of a big pick-up truck... butt naked. HOT!!! He was hot, that is... not the weather. It was kinda cold outside. Poor Tyler was freezing. The filming went awesome as Tober punched him, spit on him, tortured his balls and cock, poured motor oil down his throat, and electroshocked him. I was upset to hear that I missed the part where Tober peed on him. You guys know I have a soft spot... errrr, wet spot for that sort of thing! So basically it was just another fun day at work for Tyler. The weirdest part of the whole scene was that once cows saw us they started to wander over. One by one until there were lots of them right next to us. You never knew if you were going to have a big, wet, sloppy tongue probing some part of your body. Oh, wait... that's what we were hired to do!

Tyler's scene was over and we all retreated to the house for some food and to read over the script which we had just gotten THE DAY BEFORE! There was a TON of dialog. Page and pages worth of it. And none of us had been able to take a minute to look at it until now. We did a couple of cold readings and then got ready for the nights filming.

They actually had a whipping master out to the ranch to spend a couple of hours teaching me how to use a bullwhip. Reason was, in one of my scenes I am drunk and hating Tober and I end up tying him between two trees and whipping him into submission. Let me tell you it was NOT easy. "Make believe you are throwing a baseball", the trainer said. Ummm... baseball? I didn't have that childhood. I grew up in Brooklyn without and male influence to teach me that stuff. Add to that the fact that I have metal parts in my shoulder from where I've had surgery to repair a labral tear and bicep detachment, and you have a WHOLE LOT of PAIN!!! Truth be told, I actually got good enough to pull it off in the scene. I seemed to go great! Of course, the whipping master did all the really dangerous stuff. I mean, I didn't want to accidentally slice Tober's ear off. Come to think of it, Tober would have probably taken that as a cue to pick it up and eat it. He's a freaky little fucker! I love that guy! Note the photo of Tober being hugged between the two big trees. That's the Whipping Master comforting after getting severely whipped. He was euphoric right after the whipping, but cut to half an hour later and he was totally crashing. I guess all the adrenaline wore off and his body was going into shock. Motrin and some water and his ass was in bed for the night.

That left Tyler and I to do our massive abouts of B-roll by the fire. It was a beautiful crisp night and the fire was warm and exciting. We stumbled through page after page of dialog. Shooting it over and over from every possible angle. We ended up finishing at about 2:30am with Tyler announcing that the experience was more painful than all of the torture and abuse he tood at the hands of Tober this morning. He was so down on himself for not remembering lines and feeling like he did a crappy acting job. Being on the other side of him, I can tell you that he did an AWESOME job. I've already seen his main talking scene at he is phenomenal! I on the other hand... well, lets just keep our fingers crossed. I had a lot of drunk and angry fighting scenes and I think I pulled them off OK. I mean, even when I fell flat on my ass it worked with the scene.

Tyler and I were both exhausted, so we blew all the black ash from the fire out of our noses, showered and went to bed. We were sharing a room which was really cool. I am very comfortable with Tyler since we've worked together so many times before and have shared so many great experiences together. He warned me that he might sleep and I shot back the same warning to him. Luckily, neither of us snored. Or at least heard each other snore.

Morning came and it was time to shoot my abduction and torture scene. It took place by a barn and I was lucky enough to have some great sun shining on it... for about 15 minutes. By the time I was knocked out, dragged through the dirt and tied to the fence, the sun had moved. Now I'm buck ass naked, blindfolded and completely bound to a fence. Tober proceeds to show me some love by splashing me with a bucket of freezing cold soapy water, totally working me over with an actual horse scrubbing brush, (DAMN!!! Did that shit hurt!!!), and then hose me down with some high pressured cold water from a hose. Fuck.

Next was a sensible beating with a riding crop, some cock and ball torture, and then the worst of it all. I'm slumped over a horse's saddle with my feet bound and tied to the bottom of the back of the platform and my hands bound and tied to the bottom on the front of the platform. Basically... it's open season on my ass. And our boy Tober takes FULL advantage of this. He floggs me severely, pulls my now hard cock out from the back of my ass crack and tortures it, puts his whole body on top of me and with the flogger under my neck picks me up by the neck, having me about 2 seconds from passing out. By the end I am pleading for mercy.... but Tober doesn't know that word. There is a picture of Tober hugging me from behind before we started the scene. See the pretty, happy smiles. Then look at the shot of my back after our scene. It was red and swollen and covered with welts. Freakin' OUCH!!!

A quick break to eat some more food, which Luke had so graciously prepared for us, and we were back out there to film the final scene of the movie. The one where Tober kidnaps both or our asses at the same time and tortures us together.

We start out hogtied by the early morning fire. Then fitted with horse chomping bits and head bondage gear. Tober marches us over to the stables and forces us at gunpoint to undo each others binds (not easy to do when you are completely bound) and then he made Tyler undress me and suck my cock with a gun to his head. Next it was my turn. Damn was that a horrible experience! LOL. I could suck on Tyler's cock to the cows come home... which of course they did while I was sucking him off.

Next up Tober forced us at gunpoint to submerge our heads in a basin of freezing cold water. The first one to pick their head up was going to get it... whatever "it" was. I didn't want "it". I didn't want anything to do with "it". So I put my head in the basin, went to a zen place, and meditated. The fact that I had just seen a big slobbering horse drink out of this freezing cold water about 5 minutes ago and the fact that I have asthma was enough to make me not win this competition. And really, it was with Tyler... do I EVERY win anything when Tyler is my competition? Ugh.

The punishment was to get electroshocked from thus HUGE red electroshock device. I've been shocked by the smaller, red, triangular shaped one and I was always able to handle it. So I bed over, ass in the air, and FUCK!!!!!! Not what I expected. A freakin pain so hard that it actually picked me off my feet and flung me across the stable, crashing into the fence, and taking out the actually burning chiminea. You could not have asked for a better reaction to this shock even if you planned it out and rehearsed it over and over. I only hope I didn't shriek like a little girl as I was fling toward the burning chiminea. Guess I'll have to wait for that scene to be released. I'm in no rush.

We finished the scene with Tyler and I tied to the fence blindfolded waiting for Tober to finish with us. And finish us he does! A red hot branding poker pulled freshly out of the flaming chimea is enough to have us screaming at the top of our lungs. Guess you're gonna have to see the film if you want to know the outcome of all this.

It was getting really late now and we still had to do our B-roll scenes with Tober by the fire (remember he was out of it from his whipping last night and didn't film his parts). So a quick bite to eat (with lots more boiled peanuts) and we were back out by the fire filming the rest of our dialog and the action sequences. We took about 3 hours this time and it all went pretty well. By then I was so exhausted and beat... literally, that I didn't need to act drunk! Tober, looking great in his long leather coat and big cowboy hat, did an AWESOME job with his acting parts. He's a pro.

It's 10:30pm now and we are finally done. I still have to pack, get my paycheck, and say my goodbyes before I can start on my 3 1/2 hour ride home. Jim is going through the stuff we just filmed on his laptop and seem ecstatic. Dire is beat and is printing out checks for us. Luke is making me some coffee for the road and making sure I am set.
So quick kisses, hugs, gropes and number and email exchanges, and I am on my way home. I was falling asleep BIG TIME, so I bought some Vivarim, some NoDoze, 4 huge cups of coffee and 2 sodas. Let's just say that I didn't fall asleep at the wheel. In fact, I don't even think I needed the truck at this point because I was actually speeding faster than it was.

Got home at 2:30am. Checked emails and bills and house stuff and dropped my tired aching ass into bed. Four hours later the alarm goes off and it's time to go back to the real world and my real job. Total disconnect from my weekend experience. It takes a while to settle back into it while memories of all the fun and crazy things we did at the ranch. But it settles in. Just another BDSM porn shoot. But a pretty freakin AWESOME one!


Anonymous said...

you three cowboys are awesome and your commentary is anything but boring.....keep it up rare to get the actors view of the shot......cant wait to see the entire DVD ......Nick you never disapoint you just keep growing in your quest to improve your performance.......Ned

Y said...

So interesting,Nick.Thanks for the thorough post.Not boring at all!!

I see you found your master too:)This is a little revenge for all the poor slaves you torture at BG:)hehehe

Of course can`t wait to see it.

James said...

Hey! It's James from Iowa! Anything you write/post is NEVER boring to me. I like the pic of your back, it shows off all those muscles. I'm envious that you continue to work with Tyler. HUGS!

Stan said...

Great post Nick! No not boring at all! This is the kind of stuff we fans crave for! The pics are great to look at and the ranch looks wonderful. The part about the cows coming over to the set is hilarious! The pic of your backside is awesone!
I also can't wait to see this DVD with all you guys. It's going to be great. I hope your all healed by now with Cynder at your side. I have also done the Vivarin, NoDoze trick of staying awake at the wheel. Stay well.

Sue said...

This is one awesome post Nick! I will post photos and refer to your text in my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick when did you start out in porn? Nice pics by the way!

Nick Moretti said...

Ned... I can't wait to see the DVD myself. This was new territory for me. I hope it turns out well!

Glad you guys didn't find it too long and boring.

James... Working with Tyler is ALWAYS such a pleasure. And hanging out with him is great. He is SUCH a good guy!

Ya... the cows are funny until you are blindfolded and there is one sniffing at your private parts. LOL


Tom... I guess it's been just a little over 2 years since I started doing porn. Seems like yesterday! And thanks about the pics. I LOVE my iPhone! :-)

Curtis said...

All that and you could report to work in the morning???


Kristie~ said...

Fantastic post. I have to agree with Curtis...all that and right back to normal life the next day. Um...Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

I am comingback to your site after almost a week. Your life is so busy, half the things you do would exhaust me...

After all that flogging and stuff, you managed to land as if the whole flight was smooth... Wow!

How do you switch from one extreme to the other?

You are really a funny guy!


Pick said...

Damn Nick ... boring? You've gotta be kidding. An awful lot of my fantasies all rolled up into one HOT weekend! I'm surprised Tober didn't get you tied to the back bumper of that truck and coat both of you guys in molasses when the cows were getting curious.

Gotta love that sleeveless country boy look ... when do we get to see you loosen up and lookin' a little sloppy? WOOF!

Can't wait to see the whole damn show! Now if only Derek and Tony had been there too. ;o{)