Monday, March 23, 2009

Really Freakin' Proud

I had a pretty good weekend here in Fort Lauderdale. It's the first real weekend where I was actually in town and not working.

Friday night I relaxed with my dog on the couch and caught up on some stuff I've had Tivo'd for ages like Top Chef (Please don't tell me who won!) and Battlestar Galactica (PLEASE don't tell me how it ended!).

Saturday I did house work most of the day, then worked out and went to a party at Luke's house. You'll remember Luke Riley from the Bound Gods shoot we did together a while back. It was just a couple of friends drinking Margaritas and joking around.

Top photo: Luke, Me, Chance, Bobby & Sebastian
2nd photo: Bobby, Sebastian, Tim, Luke & Me

Sunday was our Ft. Lauderdale Pride Fest in the park. We actually have 2 Prides in Ft. Lauderdale. One in March and one in June. I guess we must be pretty freakin' proud!

The whole gang hung out and had some drinks and some laughs. Just a mellow kind of day. We all ended up at the Sea Monster for their T-Dance. A pretty tame Pride weekend. Just what I needed.

Left to right: Me, Luke, Sebastian, Bobby and Tim

I handed this guy I didn't know my iPhone and asked him to take our picture. I wonder what was on his mind?

Luke and I in front of the portopotties. It wouldn't be a festival without them!

The Birthday Boy. His birthday is actually not until Wednesday. If you want to send him a "Happy Birthday" message I have him linked in my Blogroll list.

Zeb Atlas was signing autographs at the Pride Fest. I've heard so many negative things about him and the way he looks recently. Let me tell you... He's HOT as HELL! I'd do him in a heartbeat! (Feel free to tell him that if you see him around. LOL) Of course, I'm a pretty shy guy so all I did was say, "Can I please take your picture?"


Anonymous said...

Atlas Scmatlas-- i think you are a thousand times hottter than him.

Kristie~ said...

I love the photo of you and Luke in front of the portopotties!!! So adorable. Glad you had a great one. Yea, you guys are damn proud!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I was on vacation for 3 weeks. I DVR'ed the last 3 episodes of Battlestar. I caught up with two, I just can't bring myself to watch the final one! What about your

James said...

It's James from Iowa.
You commented about you & Luke. Maybe opposites attract? Anyway, it looked like a good time. I could care less about Zeb, it's you i think are HOTTER!.


Tom said...

It's nice to have a relatively lazy weekend now and again, isn't it?!

I'm glad you had a fun time out with the boys. I've met Zeb before, during personal appearances he's made in the L.A. area, and he's never been anything but friendly and approachable.

See you in San Francisco!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend! :)

Sue said...

I just noticed what an attractive pattern of body hair you have on your chest. Very nice! I have to agree with Anon. you are the hottest guy in the bunch! Glad yoiu had a relaxing weekend with your pals.

Stan said...

It's you Nick where my eyes wonder in these pics but all you guys look great!

Anonymous said...

I want all of these men............ just an hour would do me! hehe