Monday, March 30, 2009

Kick Ass!

I got back from my weekend in San Francisco and the GAYVN Awards very late last night. Got to bed about 4am and woke up for work at 7am. So needless to say... MY ASS IS DRAGGING TODAY!

Sorry this isn't a post about the awards and my weekend but hopefully that will come tomorrow. Let me just say it was KICK ASS!!!!! I met EVERYONE!!!! And I had a GREAT TIME!!!!

I know... that's a little too happy of a review... especially coming from me! But I spent the whole weekend with old friends, made some new ones and had some really amazing experiences. Like when Van Darkholme pulled me up during the after party at Wunderland and I flogged this HOT new Bound Gods guy in front of friends and porn peers. AWESOME! Or when a major studio President/Director "guaranteed" me a role in an upcoming film... hopefully with the HOTTEST porn star in the business today! Like I said... Kick Ass!

For now, enjoy the just released trailer for's new Naked Kombat website which will be going live next Wednesday, April 8th.


Pick said...

... "guaranteed me a role in an upcoming film... hopefully with the HOTTEST porn star in the business today!"

OK ... so, is he planning to use split screen so you can star with yourself? ;o{) You DO have more than just a few fans ya know!

Big congrats man, sounds like you had a fantastically successful, and fun weekend. Atta boy ... erm ... well you know what I mean.

Stan said...

I just love the rules in Naked Kombat "the winner FUCKS the loser" sounds like a win/win situation to me! I can't wait to see YOU there.
I'm glad you had a good trip Nick. Get some rest and cuddle up with Cynder I'm sure she missed you.

Kristie~ said...

Glad you had a great weekend!!

Tom said...

Great seeing you again; I'm glad you had a good time away, hanging with friends. I'll email you the photos once I get everything organized. =)