Monday, March 9, 2009

Round 1

I finally got to watch the wrestling match that I did with Tyler Saint for's new website "Naked Combat", which will be going live in a few weeks. It's the shoot where I ended up with cracked ribs, a broken toe (which will never bend again), a sprained foot, and a bruised ego. Tyler walked away with a black ear, a black and blue jaw, and teeth marks on his dick (my bad! LOL). As I watched it I saw that it was every bit as extreme as I thought it was going to be. Click here if you want to see me get the crap beat out of me.

My real life wrestling match... with myself... is over too. I came out of it feeling stronger and wiser and with only some minor damage to my head and heart. I hope. I can already feel them healing. Just for the record, I only posted the last entry about the last conversation I had with my ex because I wanted you to know why I was so upset in the post I did named "Take a look at my crack". I wanted to share what put me in such a bad place.

As appreciation for you guys sticking with me and listening to me vent... again Here are some photos from Round 1 of the wrestling match. Click on any photo to see a larger version of it. Hope you like! I'll post Round 2 photos next. (The clothes come off in that round!)


Y said...

So glad your already feeling better and better.Tho I know the hurt soul heals much slower than the hurt body.

The pics rock.I`m sure the video too.Love the expression of yours and Tyler`s face in pics #2 & 3.

Stan said...

This looks great! You and Tyler sure do kick it!

Anonymous said...

Nick ...I like it I like it more more more......Ned

James said...

Hey Nick,

It's James from Iowa. Glad u r feeling better!! I'm waiting for the clips WITHOUT clothes!!! Any picure with you in it is a treat for me!


Anonymous said...

I have gotta get into porn