Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apparently, it's abuse Nick Moretti day!

The latest video I did for Bound Gods is going to be up later today. It's the one where I have to pay my dues by being bound, gagged, flogged and caned before I'm given the opportunity to fuck Derrek Diamond's fine ass. Was it worth it? What the heck do you think! :-) CLICK HERE to go to the site.

If you can't wait until later to watch me get abused, Steel Mill Media just released another scene from the "Bullwhiped" video last night.

So far we've seen Tyler Saint get abducted by Tober Brandt, tied to the hood of a truck, peed on, beat, receive CBT, electroshocked and have motor oil poured down his throat.

Then we saw me get abducted, tied to a fence, abused with a horse brush, blasted with ice cold water, spit on and beat with a riding crop. In this episode Tober ties me bent over a horse saddle, beats me with a riding crop, flogs me, tortures my cock and balls, and chokes me to the point of passing out. It's fun for the whole family!

Here are some photos from my first abdution and abuse scene from "Bullwhipped" for your enjoyment. Don't worry... in the next scene I get my revenge. Short lived as it is.


Anonymous said...

oh my word my poor baby used and abused but you look great what a body ....that mean old Tober I want to horse whip him.....Ned

Y said...

Hehe that`s my secret fantasy about you,Nick:)Oh to be in Tober`s shoes!lol
Oops did I say that out loud?

Anonymous said...

Nick..... I watched the scene on BG and it was the best yet..... you can really take it.... Van change my scenerio but I enjoyed your being turned on by Derek and th F..k was very are a star .....Ned

Anonymous said...

thats rtmaster4all

Stan said...

"It's fun for the whole family!" LOL! That's just what I love about you Nick, you never take this seriously. It is what it is, entertainment and we love you for it! Great job...Bravo!

Anonymous said...


Homer said...

I love romantic comedies!!!

Pick said...

Damn you Nick Moretti! After all your talk and pix of the shooting of "Bullwhipped" I had to go and renew my BoundMuscle membership. Really glad I did!!!

Extremely HOT watching you squirm and love how Tober is up to the challenge. Gotta love his cocky, insolent, sadistic countenance and what he does with it. Jeez man, Tyler got off easy on that shoot compared to what you took.

So ... what have you guys got in store for Tober? Can't wait for the next thrilling installment. Stay tuned! Same time? Same channel? ;o{)

Congrats! What a blast!