Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Piss Poster Boy

I don't go out much to bars or clubs, especially lately, but when I do go out it's always disturbing to be peeing and have yourself staring back at you. Several of the local bars have this poster advertising the photographic services of my good friend Sylvester Q hanging up over the urinals. (You can check out his work and contract him to take some great photos for you or your business by going to his website

When the posters first went up I would get all of these drunken phone or text messages saying, "Dude... I just pissed on you!" What the fuck? I think I would have remembered that. I probably would have been OK with it too. Ya, I'm like that. But I had no idea what they were talking about.

Now that they've been up for a while I still get the occasional drunk and pissing message, but my exposure to the posters is usually just me peeing at a urinal and someone at an adjacent urinal looking at the poster, and then at me, and then back at the poster. "Ya... It's me. I'm the piss poster boy."

I just got word that the scene I did three weeks ago with Derrek Diamond and Van Darkholme will be up on the Bound Gods website tomorrow. Damn, that was fast! It's the scene where I actually am bound, gagged and flogged... just like the viewers kept asking for. So check it out tomorrow if you're interested. I hope it turned out well!

Click here to go to the Bound Gods website.


Anonymous said...

Nick that is fast for Bound Gods and as I have said here before I look forward to viewing the scene I germinated you are hot my friend very hot.......Ned

James said...

Hey Nick,
It's James from Iowa. looking forward to watching you @ BGods!! Thanks so much for your Facebook note!! HUGS!!! :-)

Stan said...

For what it's worth Nick you look very, very, hot on that poster. I could never think of pissing on you but could easily go for it being the other way around!