Monday, December 29, 2008

Highly Recommended!

OK... I'm done with the Christmas funk and back to appreciating all of the good... hell, GREAT things that I have in my life! (Thanks guys for the nice emails and especially the Card with the electronic "chocolates".) Here's something for me to be happy about...

Now that Blue Movie has been release the reviews will start coming in. I hope they are all as good as the one by Brent Blue at ManNet.

“Blue Movie” (2008) is a glorious homage to vintage porn, and directors Leif Gobo and Steve Cruz have an obvious appreciation for their subject as the scenes seem like vignettes of a lost era, though filtered through modern technology, which allows for a glamorous look and opulent scene length the golden age of gay pornography could never have managed. “Blue Movie” is history mixed with sex, not at all as academic as it sounds, but rather steamy and enthralling.

Now here’s the part about my scene…

The second scene trades one recognizable set for another: the black box with the motorcycle. Clad in boots and attitude, this scene is a full-scale to-the-death fight for dominance between Nick Piston and Nick Moretti. Both inked and born for leather, Nick Piston sits on the bike in chaps and a hardon while Nick Moretti stands to be worshipped. The two aren’t afraid of any body parts. Only seconds into the scene, Nick Piston is deep into Nick Moretti’s pits, the kind you just hope reek for a scene of this type. Nick Moretti rims the hell out of Nick Piston’s ass. His tongue unrolls both to lick around the entire area and also to tighten and poke into the hole. Nick Piston blows with his usual abandon, drooling buckets on Nick Moretti’s cock in order to make his deep-throat smoother.

Adventurous Nick Moretti gulps Nick Piston’s cock whole, made even hotter by the fact that Nick Piston keeps on his Prince Albert. These two work their mouths like there is a competition to be won, but I felt like the ultimate winner watching. With oral action this torrid, one expects thrills from the fucking, and these two don’t disappoint. Nick Moretti slams at Nick Piston as if Nick Piston’s ass has no limits. Indeed, it shows none. Nick Moretti summons up all of his muscular frame to crash at his bottom with both heated energy and creativity. He plays with speeds and styles to keep the action at a constant boiling point. Fucking Nick Piston from behind, Nick Moretti, even pulls back one of his arms as he lacerates the ass. This is unbridled lust. Though a missionary fuck on the bike is no less thrilling, they prefer doggy and return to it eagerly. Nick Moretti fingers Nick Piston into a cum-shot and sprinkles his own goo on Nick Piston’s leg as they kiss.

Click here to purchase this video or find out more information about it.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good review! Can't wait to see it, and what a good way to start the year! Cheers!

Unknown said...

i saw it and i love every Minute of it, it was very sexy man, now i gotta take a look at it again.btw are you going to do any more scenes from Bond Gods i hope so?

Nick Moretti said...

Everson... I'm SO GLAD you liked it! I can't wait to see it myself. I always get nervous until I can watch a scene and make sure I didn't make a fool of myself in front of the camera.

I am flying out to San Francisco next week to do a scene for Bound Gods. I can't wait! I only hope that I'm a little more healed up before then.