Sunday, July 26, 2009

This little bear gets wolf head

I had a great day at the zoo yesterday with some interesting encounters.
I met this hot wolf and being a wolf myself I gave him the traditional greeting of our kind.

That must have turned him on because next thing you know we were doing it wolfie style!

Also had an encounter with some bears. Being that I am the current Bear Party Magazine CoverBear I thought I would see how I stacked up next to them. Guess I should have quit while I was getting head. LOL.

I'll post some real zoo animal photos as soon as I get a chance.


blacknoon said...

Aw how cute with the wolf.

Bears are not so cute when you run into a real live one in the woods without the right rifle and amo. 30-30 are great for deer but won't do much against a black bear. Good thing it wasn't really pissed off at me.
Hey, did you ever get the pic I emailed you?

Stan said...

Nick I love the hair Buddy! Your looking good my man! WOOF!

Pick said...

With a tongue like that ... you too could play the oboe! LOL

Lovin' the High n' Tight too Nick! Great, fun pix!

Sue said...

Um Nick, I think the wolf would more than likely be licking and sniffing your butt, kind of like dogs do. Hot looking high and tight!

Anonymous said...

You look grayer and hotter than ever

MDW said...

Aww... these pics are cute as hell

Sue said...

I have to agree with anon.; the gray hair really suits you! I knew it would.