Friday, July 24, 2009

An evening with animals. A day at the zoo.

My good friend Howard (also known as photographer SylvesterQ) invited me to go to the 10th Anniversary Celebration and The Grand Resort and Spa last night. It was "AN EVENING OF JAZZ UNDER THE STARS" benefiting three outstanding community organizations: Stonewall Library & Archives, Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida, and Tuesdays Angels. I had never been to the resort before and was extremely impressed with how beautiful and classy it was. And the event was just as classy. Great food, free liquor, an awesome Jazz singer and band, and a good mix of nice people.

I kind of figured it was going to be that kind of event so I dressed accordingly. No shorts and flip flops to this one. But it didn't really matter. It turned out to be the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig. Or at least that's what it felt like.

You see, I really don't go out that much so I don't usually get any "fan" interaction. Well I got it last night. Didn't matter what I was wearing... I was just a dirty BDSM porn model.

I must have gotten at least a dozen people say, "I liked you much better in your Halloween costume". If you remember, I basically went as a cum rag... nothing more than a bathhouse towel, a key on a cord around my wrist, and lots of fake cum dripping all over my face and chest (See photo).

The other thing I kept hearing was little comments like, "Oh, be careful not to piss him off. You know what kind of stuff he gets into." Nice. Actually, if there was some rope, a flogger, and a St. Andrews Bondage Cross I would strip off your silk shirt, tie your pasty white body up, and beat your sorry ass. AND you would like it!

I left the place feeling a little diminished and went to bed sad. Then first thing this morning I got a text from Howard saying... "Here's today's blog post for you: Sylvester Q took me to an upscale charity event and although I was dressed to the nines, I was still recognized as a cum rag."

The rest of the day has not gotten much better. I woke up with major pain in my shoulder. Had a painful and disheartening physical therapy session. Found out that the meditation teacher who I love is no longer at the Buddhist Center that I go to. And his lead student, who was also becoming a great teacher, left as well. Came to work to find two of my co-workers cat-fighting and got thrown under the bus by one of my supervisors.

So I need to get myself centered this weekend. That is going to start with a trip to the Palm Beach Zoo tomorrow. Nothing makes me feel calmer and more centered than nature and animals. Not the kind of animals I work with or that talk about me at classy parties. The kind of animals that follow their true nature and act the way God intended. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to my trip to the zoo!


Pick said...

Mr. Moretti, pull up a seat on my couch. So why did you allow it to make you feel diminished?

You do realize that the people that said something were probably teasing you in the way that a little boy teases a little girl that he likes ... they didn't know how to handle it so they teased you about it rather than doing the smart thing and keeping their mouths shut.
Most people aren't smart ... enough said about that.

More than likely they also wanted the attention from you that they thought "being funny" would bring to them. Face it, you're a celebrity and people are going to be idiots around you.

I'm also betting they're a tad jealous that you have the guts to do what you do, and are open and honest about it, and that you are in touch enough with your sensuality and sexuality that you allow yourself things that pleasure you. Most people don't let themselves go there ... not really anyway. Lovely, Presbyterian North America! URGH!

C'mon, admit it ... most of the time it's fun being a porn star right? So don't let some unthinking comments get you down ... if the comments were catty, they're just jealous of you ... if they were only silly, then chances are they honestly enjoyed being near you and felt like they wanted to say something ... stupid comments or not, try to take it as a compliment. Hey, enjoy being notorious! Own it ... wear it! If it makes people "stupid" around you, enjoy that too. (This advice coming from a guy who's in the "Blog Protection Program" at the moment ...LOL)

Really sorry to hear about your shoulder and also the meditation teacher and his student. Maybe that's a bit of a sign to explore more on your own or to push you to finding a teacher who will take you beyond where that teacher would have taken you.

On your next post I'd like to see pictures of those two co-workers with bus tire marks on them. ;o{)

Animals and are great, no doubt about it ... I love the honesty of them above all else. Also one of the things I enjoy about your blog btw ... that honesty gets me every time.

Ok, I'm going to shut up now or my comment will be longer than your post. Just enjoy your new-found celebrity status and feel good about yourself huh!

Anonymous said...

When reading your blog I was thinking about what my comments back to you would be.....Well if Pick doesn't mind I will say DITTO! I agree with Pick all the way.

Always remember in the end you have all this amazing "stuff" going for you...good looks, good friends, good blogging buddies, good health (for the most part), good job (what comes around goes around with the co-workers) and of course good guy bear (had to throw that one in there). But you get my drift......You deserve the best.

Maybe you and Pick need to "hook-up". You both can take care of each other.

Have a GREAT time at the Zoo!

Your favorite florist & Good Guy Bear,
Lee :-)

Sue said...

Like what everyone else said plus don't let the turkeys get you down! You are the superhero in your own show! You just have to believe it and live it. Now get out there and enjoy that zoo! Tell all the animals that I said "Hi!" I love zoos!

wdavi said...

I agree totally with what everyone else has posted. Some people can be terribly disrecpectful. One more thing, a lot of them probably think of you, as just the one dimensional person they see on film. We all know that's not true.

Stan said...

I say fuck them all! Enjoy the zoo. I have to admit I prefer the company of animals to people most of the time.

Anonymous said...

What about the white finch egg, has it hatched?

Anonymous said...

Does Anna know about your porn "star" shit?

Nick Moretti said...

Pick, Anonymous 1,Sue & Stan...
You guys are right and I know it. It just took me off guard. It sucks when people judge you without knowing anything about you. I am a quite, friendly, humble guy... who does porn. And BDSM porn at that. If you would just take a second to talk to me (and I talk to EVERYONE!) you would know who I am a little better.

Anonymous 2
I went to check on the finch egg yesterday while the parents were out and it was moved to the back of the nest from it's usual spot. It was also broken and there was no evidence of a baby bird. It was the finches first attempt and, from what I know, the first attempt is usually not successful. It was sad but not unexpected. I hope next time brings better results.

Anonymous 3
I don't know who you are of how you know my friend Anna, but she has been my friend for almost 20 years. We've been through marriages and divorces and surgeries and parents deaths together. (Our parents were even friends.) So, of course she knows about my "porn "star" shit".
I don't know who you are but first of all you don't need to bring up Anna ever. And second, my porn "star" shit is MY SHIT and I am proud of it. If you don't like it read some other blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Moretti,
You are a very good looking man, in any of your pictures. You lookk fantastic in the picture from the fundraiser. In fact, it looks like an ad photo.
And, we all get teased about what we do. Trump, Oprah, Martha all have had parodies & jokes made about even them.
It is difficult to take, though. I know, as well.
BTW, I stumbled upon your blog, I think through Steve Cruz (link from his blog). And, I just love your blog. I like your topics, & style of writing. To be honest, I am not familiar with much of your work - I am held here by the attraction of your words!
Love & best wishes, George

Scott said...


Petty people should never get you down. The reason anyone would say anything like that is out of either intimidation or jealousy. I've had similar incidents because I do porn, and I simply answer "well, those who can, do, and those who can't bitch like whiny-ass women. Not attractive, fellas, and you can't afford any more unattractive qualities."

You're doing something that they wish they could. They certainly watch it, so you know they like it.

I think a lot of guys don't like to think of porn stars as being people, but they are (I've not done enough videos/high profile shoots yet to call myself a porn star-I'm a porn STARTER LOL). Just guys.