Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let Nick Moretti teach you a lesson at Kink University

Bound Gods just released the latest video I shot with them. I was kinda worried about this one because it's not a "Master Nick" leather, dungeon video. This one takes place at Kink University and I play a teacher who's pissed off at his slacker student. So to set him on the right track I put him in some tight bondage, flog him, cane him, do some electro-tourture on him, play with some breath control, and then fuck the shit out of him. I'd call that a good day at school!
Click here to check out this video.
Here are some stills from the scene and you can find the official synopsis right after them.

Here is the official synopsis for the video: Zane Jacobs is a lousy student at Kink University. His parents harass Nick Moretti for giving him poor grades. Fed up, Nick keeps Zane after class to teach him a real lesson. Nick ties him up and flogs him for being lazy. Nick also introduces Zane to the Zapper, the cane, breath play and more. Nick rewards Zane at the end of the day with tough love in bondage.
Click here to view this brand new Bound Gods video.

6 comments: said...

great scene Nick(Richard) you are in tiptop form really pumped hope the shoulder is healing

Stan said...

Just where do I enroll for next semester?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moretti.....I'm a bad student. So BAD that I need you to tutor me all summer. I promise I will make at least a "C". Nick, you just keep getting better and better. Loved the role play along with your furriness.

You can tutor me anytime.
Your "BAD" student.

Lee :-)

Pick said...

Nick, you can teach me a lesson any day. Hell man, you can teach me a lesson EVERY day!

Congrats, the shoot looks fantastic teach, erm (gulp) I mean Sir! ;o{)

Anonymous said...

smoking hot,thx,glad to cum here.sorry, i can't help it.

Plain Gay Blogging said...

I need to enroll in that University, Zane Jacobs is a very lucky man to have a caring teacher like you.