Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting inked

Here's the first touch of needle to skin. Sat for 3 hours last night and we got so much done. It looks AWESOME!!! I'll post some photos later.


Pick said...

The buzzing of that needle brings back recent memories.

How's it looking? I'm freakin' curious!

Nick Moretti said...

Hey Pick... it's looking awesome! Still stings like a mother but not too bad. I gotta put some picture up.
I tried to leave a comment on your blog but wasn't able to (stupid blogger!!!)>
Check out my blog tomorrow for some "White Shirt" pics. ;-)

Pick said...

YAY! Thanks Nick!

I used Weber's vitamin E "gunk" on my tattoo and the "burn" left pretty fast. I know everyone has there own remedy and aftercare solutions.

I hope it was easier on you than you anticipated.

Pick said...

Damn! I always do that and then notice afterwards. "Their" own remedy. lol