Friday, July 10, 2009

I can only aspire to be Susan Lucci

I got a mention in the latest issue of GAYVN Magazine (which is now actually only 4 pages and can be found, probably by accident, at the very back of the AVN Magazine). It's in the article Xtreme Measures which talks about how extreme and BDSM sex has gone from strictly fetish to mainstream video. The part that mentions me talks about BDSM video company Steel Mill Media and says "The company's latest film (Bullwhipped) features a top-notch cast that looks like it came from a mainstream hit: Tyler Saint, Tober Brandt and Nick Moretti."

OK... so I'm "top-notch" (and occasionally versatile-notch). Then why am I NEVER on any "Top 50" or "Top 100" porn star lists? And why have I still not been on the cover of any of the videos I've been in? Unless you count ghosted out photos, like on "Brief Encounters", or "Bears in Paradise", or the new release "Bullwhipped" which was mentioned in the GAYVN article (see photo).
And while I'm at it...

This blog has gotten lots of great critical aclaim, was the only Gay Porn Star Blog to get an "A" rating by Unzipped Magazine in an article they did a few months back, and repeatedly gets mentions on Naked Sword's blog, "The Sword". So if my blog is good why is it never nominated when awards time comes around? I can't even say that I'm the Susan Lucci of porn. At least she gets nominated!

Maybe I need to do some self promoting. Wolf Hudson recently did his whole "I'll tea bag you if you vote for me" campaign (ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!) to get votes for him hosting the Grabbys and it worked. I have to think of something "Nick Moretti Style" to put out there and get me nominated for best porn blog this year. Or get me on a list of top porn stars. Or at least get me on the cover of a video where the photo doesn't look like it was taken underwater by a blind photographer. Anyone have any ideas?

(The "Butt Shot" photo leading this blog post was taken in May, 2009 by Ken Slater of Bear Party Magazine.)


wdavi said...

Your blog is always tops with me, and other fans I know! By the way, is it the fans, who do the nominating for the awards? Or, is it your peers in the business?

Nick Moretti said...

Hmmm... You know, I don't have a clue about that? I guess that's probably something I should find out. Thanks for the thumbs up and thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Sue said...

Lots of porn blogs do self promote and I think it would help to begin to do that. As much as you might hate to do it, it is probably necessary to do it to get nominated. It's kind of like going in to ask the boss for a raise, if you wait for him to do it on his own, he might never give you one. But if you ask, you raise your chances and at least get it on his mind. To be honest, I really like your blog and would probably nominate it, but I never thought of it. I didn't even know you were interested in that kind of thing until this post. So thanks for letting us know! Also, if you self promote, readers will know what contests there are to nominate for and when and where to go to nominate. See, they are informational too.

Nick Moretti said...

Sue... I guess that's why I haven't gotten a raise for the past two years. LOL. I'm doing to research the nomination process and then post about it. I wonder how much is big companies nominating their own to sell more and how much is actual viewers and readers doing the nominating. Maybe it's better NOT to know. LOL

Cristián said...

I'd say with the common theme I regularly notice in your posts here, you already found your market segment. You just haven't fully exploited it yet.

I'd recommend you to make your own story line out of all this and use it as your self-promotion tool. Kind of the Kathy Griffin of male gay porn. "My Life on the D-List of Gay Porn". Laughing at yourself from all this non-sense the industry seems to keep giving you.

Start getting in line, reality-show producers. Nick Moretti's available for booking and he can give you a killer of a show. ;)

I can already hear the opening titles track:
"Get outta my way, you A-list bores
My (porn star looks) are as good as yours
I work twice as hard to get half as far as you
Coz I ain't no ass to kiss
When you're living life on the gay porn D-list!"

Anonymous said...

You are probally right in the nominating process with the big companies. I agree with Sue about the self promotion. Check to see how many hits you have on your website, blog and on Big Muscle. I'm sure those thousands of people including fans, friends and family will help get you nominated for something. You are the advertising specialist and I'm sure you will come up with someting spectactular.

Just a thought....Do any of the people winning the awards have agents promoting them or getting them more work? Agents may eat away your profits but will they help you in the long run?

Good Luck in finding out what the nominating process entails. Let us know if we need to stand in a picket line with a sign "VOTE FOR NICK". :-)

Have a GREAT weekend!
Lee :-)

OH....I want to be your fan club president.

Stan said...

I think it's more of "big companies nominating their own to sell more" at least I get that impression with the GAYVN awards. Anyway you'll ALWAYS have my vote Nick for keeping it real here on your blog. One of the reasons I come here every day to see what's up.

Pick said...

Hey, since dance shows are all the rage right now, (have to admit, I'm addicted) maybe you need to organize "Dancing with the Porn Stars" ... what's good for Lucci! ;o{)

blacknoon said...

Hey Nick,
If you want to get on the cover of your videos there are alternatives out there. There are a few good web sites that offer replacement covers either originals or custom made ones.

I actually do my own covers and have posted them on line because I actually do my own videos. Primarily creating the menus for dvd's which can be rather intricate. If your interested, I can generate some cool covers for you. No charge just some recognition. If you like I can provide links to some of the covers I've already done.

Nick Moretti said...

I believe what you put out in the world comes back to you. You basically create your own reality by what you put into it. If you start to think you are on the D-List then you will be. I'd rather think I'm on the A-List! (Even if it's not exactly true. LOL)
I LOVE the reality TV thing though! It's kind of like my blog is now.

As far as an agent or whatever publicizing me...
When it comes down to it, this is just a part-time job for me for extra money. I can't afford an agent or press person and don't have the time to do more than I'm doing anyway. I need to get myself out there more though. I'm going to come up with some sort of "Vote for my Blog" campaign... as soon as I get a chance. Running the website and blog and answering emails takes up a lot of time already.

I'm actually a graphic designer in real life. I can make my own covers whenever I want. I just would like one of the companies to recognize me by featuring me on the cover. Like I've posted before... I have NOTHING to be complaining about! I am extremely happy to be getting such GREAT work with such GREAT companies, to be getting paid for it, and to be getting fan recognition for it. A cover would just be like a little more icing on the cake. The cake is pretty freakin good already though! :-)

blacknoon said...

Great to here you can create your own covers. Not too many people have the talent.

Have you ever try putting it in your contract that you have a say in the cover design?

Just a thought.

Nick Moretti said...

I'm really not demanding at all when it comes to work. As long as I am OK with my scene partner and what we are going to do with each other I am happy.
I leave the cover design and advertising to the company in charge. I'm sure they are going to put whoever and whatever will sell the most DVDs on the cover. When it comes down to it, I would rather have a movie sell tons of copies than to be on the cover. Hopefully one day the two things will coincide.