Friday, July 31, 2009

FREE "Daddy Nick" Preview!

This week on HotOlderMale there's a smoking video of hot daddy Nick Moretti and his boy Conner Habib in a sex-club scene with a soft edge. Conner has never been to a sex club and is nervous. Daddy Nick (that's me!) knows how to relax Conner and relax him he does. It's from the top-selling DVD, "Brief Encounters".

This scene is WAY different than any other one I've done. Conner and I met at Folsom last year and had an instant attraction. We flirted back and forth for months and when we finally got a chance to do a scene together it was the culmination of so much sexual tension and attraction. We wanted to scene to be very passionate and intimate and our connection to be real and not some staged, porn fucking. IT WORKED! I've gotten so many people tell me that it was so different than the other porn scenes they've seen for exactly that reason.

I have to admit I'm not used to me with the "Daddy Nick" look. I let my grey hair come in and had some major scruff going on. For the record: I've had grey hair since I've been 16 years old and now have as much salt as I do pepper. I LOVE IT! It's nice to be able to pull of that look and then run a 5 minute "For Men Only" rinse through my hair and go back to the "Master Nick" look.

So check out the scene above and click on through HERE if you want to see the whole thing or buy the DVD. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed filming it!

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Stan said...

Oh fuck yeah! Lucky Conner! I remember when you blogged about meeting Conner and feeling a certain "chemistry" with him. I think it shows in this scene. Nice work!

blacknoon said...

Ooooooh So hot! Makes me whish I was on the bottom but I can fantasize!

wdavi said...

Very Nice indeed! By the way, Thanks for the cybersocket link. I've known about the Cybersocket site for years, but never voted until now.

Sue said...

That was REALLY nice! Great job Nick!

Robert A. Geise said...

When you finger him and then put your finger in his mouth... instant erection.

Pick said...

Wow Nick ... this is really lovely! The affection you two have for each other shows big time. Not sure I've ever witnessed that in a porn scene before ... almost seems like the camera isn't there.

Lovin' the S&P on you too ... always been a big sucker for that!