Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday afternoon... in the Dungeon

I spent Saturday afternoon at the zoo watching animals playing.

I spent Sunday afternoon in a Dungeon watching animals playing.

Both were enjoyable. I got paid for Sunday though!

Jeffrey Payne, 2009 International Mr. Leather was the guest of honor at the Inn Leather Pool Party. Inn Leather is a gay guesthouse catering to the leather community. There motto is,"A sling in every room!" The place has a great "play dungeon" complete with motorcycle, slings, St. Andrews Cross, and lots of other fun rides. I've never actually "played" there but it looks like fun!

My friend Howard (SylvesterQ) set up shop in the dungeon and we did impromptu photo shoots of the guests in whatever position and attire they were comfortable with. Hell... the party was filled with pigs and the shoots were hot, sexy and dirty!

I even got to do a shoot with Mr. Payne! I was hoping for some "nice" photos with him, but Howard has a way of making your inhibitions disappear... as well as your clothes. So I got some hot, naked photos with Mr. IML. (Damn can that man kiss!)

I'll put those photos up tomorrow. (Sorry, the zoo animal photos will have to wait!) In the mean time, here are some photos I took with my iPhone of some of the shoots.


Pick said...

Can't believe no one else has commented on this pic of you yet. Guess it's up to me.

OK ... who hid the leather suspension cuffs? The 2% Top in me wants to get you stretched out nicely on that St. Andrew's to do evil things to you. Holy Moly ... you look very tempting!

Sue said...

"A sling in every room!" Too funny! You do look hot in that photo! Yeah, I'd say the zoo can wait...

Stan said...

I've heard The Inn Leather also has a sling outside too. Sounds like my kind of place. These are some great shots. Looking forward to the others.

Anonymous said...

You look so HOT! The zoo animals can wait show us more photos of you. It would be fun to try all of the "slings in every room". Seems like you had a GREAT weekend after all.

Have a GREAT day!
Lee :-)

Patric said...

Great photos! Looks like you had a good time. Will we ever get some watersports shots?