Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you guys have a Happy 4th of July!

And while your at it check out my latest, just released, Bound Gods video "Kink University".

The countdown till my BIRTHDAY has begun! Only two more days till I turn an even older. Does anyone know how to slow this shit down?


Stan said...

I've got about 10 years on you Nick and haven't yet figured out how to slow it down. The only thing I can say is what's really the alternative? A really long dirt nap?
Happy 4th to you too!

Pick said...
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Pick said...

I see Zane Jacobs got some "Stripes" at Kink University and I bet he was seeing a few "Stars" before you were done with him ... lucky guy!
I guess a little flag sticking out of his ass might not be so patriotic but it *would* have been effective for the shot. ;O{)

Happy Fourth!

Hey, and about that birthday ... it's all about how you feel 'cause you look like you're in your 30's to me. As you know, it's biological age that counts so I think you've probably already slowed that aging thing down! Jeez, all those Lean Pockets must do something! Maybe the Fountain of Youth *is* in Florida ... in Nick Moretti's freezer! ;O{)

Scott said...

Nick, no matter if you are turning one year older-you look absolutely fantastic. The good only get better.

I've seen that schoolroom set at the Armory-always wondered what they filmed in there. };-)>

Have you ever filmed in the room in the basement where they have that box in the floor where they isolate your head (and the rest of you is sticking up out of the floor)? I would absolutely LOVE to film there!

Most importantly, have a happy, healthy birthday, and here's hoping life treats you and will continue to treat you well.


wdavi said...

You- by the way, look great. I remember a character in a novel ( I can't remember the name of the book) I read somwhere, declaring that in fear of turning older, she thought about getting up in the middle of the night, and stopping all the clocks in her house! I turn 50 in August..... Not a bad idea! Now that darn birth certificate. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

You're getting hotter with age so don't worry about the birthday.

Damien said...

Mazel Tov for your special day.

Damien said...

Happy Birthday Nick!

Pick said...

OK Nick, gotta force him erase "4th" and write in "Birthday" now. ;o{)

Hope you have a great day with many more great days to follow!

Big HUGS man!

James said...

I turn 60 this July. I feel 30. Birthdays are just numbers!!!
Happy 4th & Birthday to U!

Big HUG there guy.

James from Iowa.

Sue said...

I agree with Stan - the alternative sure does suck (and not in the good way)! I'm 52 and lovin' it! I'm on the right side of the grass!