Friday, February 5, 2010

No FURR for me

When I was in San Francisco last week a friend of mine texted me and told me that I was plastered all over the polls and windows in the Castro. I have to admit that I have been plastered in the Castro but that usually involves tequila. I was completely psyched to see posters for a party at Club 8 called FURR with a huge photo of me!

According to the Club 8 website:
FURR is Club 8's newest monthly party to join the roster! Brought to you by Bear Party Magazine, this party is sure to get hairy! Come see the hot furry Go Go boys and the beats of some of the city's hottest Bear DJs! Every 1st Saturday of the month, let's bring out the hairy men of San Francisco to party at FURR!

The Party is tonight and I wish I was going to be there. I LOVE furry men and they tend to love me back. Instead I am in bed here in Florida, with my dog snoring at my feet and my laptop on my lap. The exciting life of a porn star. There will be other parties and how can I complain when I will be flying back to San Francisco in 3 days to film some more nasty BDSM porn?


Stan said...

Congratualtions Nick! They sure know how to pick a hot man for the poster. Could be great PR for you. Wish I was there too. Sounds like fun.

Alex said...


Jambrea said...

How awesome! Sorry you can't go, but its great that your picture is out there like that!!!

blacknoon said...

Oh how yummy!

Drool drool drool

Pick said...

FURRociously gorgeous!