Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day mASSacre

My scene with Tristan Jaxx at came out yesterday and although I haven't watched it yet, I'm pretty sure it makes me look like a big ole cock whore. Cool! LOL

I posted the G-Rated teaser for the scene above, but from the photos I've seen so far, it turns into a really hardcore suck and fuck fest.

You can check the whole scene out here.

Here's the synopsis...
When Tristan “9” Jaxxx wanted to spend Valentine’s Day at, those crafty guys knew Nick Moretti, that fur-covered stud with a fat 8 incher himself, would be the perfect playmate and DAMN, they were right! Tristan is relaxing on the couch when Nick comes in bearing roses. Their shirts come off quickly, revealing their hairy chests. Nick's dick is pulled free as Tristan goes to work on his fat cock. Nick hungrily swallows Tristan's massive cock. His own rock hard cock is pulsing on its own as Nick holds Tristan’s beefy thighs and uses them to fuck his own face. From there, these two cock titans maneuver into a hot 69 where they can get all the cock they want. Tristan's tongue then turns its sights on Nick's ass until he slides his thick python deep into Nick's hole and is soon slapping that ass with his low hangers. Nick can't seem to get enough as he leans back giving us an amazing view of Tristan's cock slowly stretching his ass wide and deep. On his back, that big dick's hitting all the right spots (and all their closest neighbors) and Nick won't last long before his cock wants to explode. Once they’re about to shoot, they sit back and jack their huge cocks to completion, busting their Valentines payloads all over themselves. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here if you want to go to and see this scene.


Jambrea said...

You two are seriously hot together.

Alex said...


Stan said...

Damn Nick! You lucky fucker!