Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bear bound

Seems like just last week I was at Fort Lauderdale airport... oh wait! It was last week. Well, I'm back there again and heading back to San Francisco to make some dirty-hot BDSM porn for Bound Gods.

This trip will NOT be as crazy as the last one. I only have one Bound Gods shoot planned with Pain Pig Jason Miller. (See photos.) This boy can take a lot. It's going to be a test of my strength as a Dom. That's ok.... I'm up for the challenge.

I'm in San Francisco for a whole week and my only plans, so far, are the shoot, the gym, work on the massive real estate website I am designing, dinner with friends, and hopefully do some of the IBR events. IBR (International Bear Rendezvous) is an annual gathering of bears and bear-lovers held in San Francisco. I even grew my beard out for the occasion. (See photo above.) Hope Van lets me keep it. I like bears. Bears like me. Should be fun!

I'll update you guys on how my shoot goes tomorrow and post some photos... so check back.

DAMN! This is the worst freakin flight! Non-stop, very heavy turbulence the whole flight so far. REALLY BAD! I fly a lot so if I'm saying it's bad... it's bad. I'm using the WiFi to do my web design work while I'm flying so that's keeping my mind off of things but a fucking margarita would help! If only the flight attendants could get up and serve some.


Stan said...

Happy, safe travel Nick. I hope this winter weather doesn't fuck up your flight schedules. Love the facial hair on ya!
Thanks for the link to the IBR. Wish I was there too. Love those bears!

Jambrea said...

I hope you can keep the beard. I really, really like it. Yum!

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I know about rough flights! the attendents don't get up to serve anything; and it is just when you could really use a drink! I hope you land safely!

Love the beard! :)

mmonk said...

looking forward to your new film.

Tball said...

That facial hair is fab!