Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just another day at the office

I found this photo at the blog along with a story about the "Daddies in Suits" movie I did a scene for two weeks ago for Pantheon Productions.

The movie is due out in late March but they don't have a title for it yet. Any ideas? If you do come up with something clever click on over to the blog and enter it in the competition. I know how creative you guys can be after I had the name my fish contest last year. Click here to go to the blog.

In case you are interested, here is their post about the upcoming movie...

Where have all the sexy suit-daddies gone?

You used to see them everywhere, walking to work, driving their kids, sitting with their laptops tantalizingly close to where you want to be - between their suited, thick legs, breathing in their man-ness, ready to serve the needs of their sweaty cock and balls. It's why everybody loves daddies in suits. Broad shoulders surrounded and enhanced by steely charcoal wool, the tie firm and perfectly knotted to frame his thick neck and handsome face. Daddies in Suits. Where have you gone?

We asked ourselves that question and answered by shooting our third suit-daddy movie this winter. Our first two suit-daddy movies Suited for Sex and Down to Business are two of our most popular titles ever.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the first two scenes of the new movie for you to enjoy. These guys are incredibly sexy in their suits and you're gonna' love what I ask them to do in them.

We've shot two sexy scenes starring hot stud Trey Walker, handsome and hung new-comer Paul Barbaro, Monster-cocked Nick Moretti and sexy Brit Ben Martin. We've got three more hot scenes coming up soon so look for the movie in late March.

We don't have a title yet so throw out your ideas, guys. We're listening!

Click here to go to the blog and name the movie.


Pick said...

Hey Nick ... you "clean-up" real nice bud! ;o{) ... Lick Lick Slurp!

Anonymous said...

Nice tie!!!! *swoon*

Unknown said...

I want to work there.