Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Luck Tyler Saint!

I'll be shooting with Bound Gods all day today but I wanted to make sure that I sent out a message to my friend Tyler Saint. He's one of the nominees in the "Gay Performer of the Year" category at the 2010 XBIX Awards tonight in Hollywood, California.

If there is anyone who deserves this award it is Tyler Saint. Honestly, I don't think he has ever won an award in the gay porn industry. (Unless you count the 2009 Grabby Award he won for having the Hottest Cut Cock in porn.) That is INSANE! It's about time he's won an award for his performances. Tyler is HOT and REAL and ALWAYS reliable. He doesn't promote himself, or have a website, or a blog. He's just a REAL person who happens to be an awesome porn performer. The kind of person who deserves these awards. The kind of person I look up to.

Good luck Tyler! (Even though you broke my toe, fractured my ribs, and fucked the hell out of me on a motorcycle until I almost couldn't walk any more.) Good Luck!

The nominees for Gay Performer of the Year:
Benjamin Bradley
Blu Kennedy
Damien Crosse
David Dakota
David Taylor
Erik Rhodes
Francesco D'Macho
Francios Sagat
Jeremy Bilding
Johnny Hazzard
Leo Giamani
Logan McCree
Luke Hamill
Mathew Rush
Max Schutler
Rafael Alencar
Reese Rideout
Ricky Sinz
Ryan Raz
Tyler Saint

Click here for all of the categories and nominees.


Stan said...

I totally agree with you Nick. Tyler is an awesome guy who deserves an award (as do you!) I've been a big admirer of Tyler for a while now. I wish him the best of luck!

starbman said...

I guess you landed safely! Good!
I like the facial hair, as well. I hope it stays. It would only add to the performance!
& I wish Tyler the best of luck, too. He is a hot man!

Pick said...

I'll be sending good thoughts his way that's for sure. I can't believe he hasn't won before this! What are those people thinking?

Spicy_D69 said...

Need any extras for the shoot? ;)

wdavi said...

I'm really surprised to hear that he's never been nominated before. Good luck to him!

Tball said...

I was reading some Tweets from the awards, and he won! =)

Alex said...

I think logan should win. He's awesome and has tattoos all over him, even on his dick which would be more painful than hell, but is super hot. Tyler is Way too smooth.

Anonymous said...

Tyler Saint is the best. I love how he squirts on his partner's face and slurps up his own cum like a hungry dog. Tyler, the next time you do that, stick your sperm laden tongue down the other guy's throat. I think NIck Moretti would be up for that.