Monday, December 28, 2009

You don't know Jaxx

You probably don't know Jaxx... but I do. And I will know him a lot better after he fucks the hell out of me tomorrow!

I have my second shoot with Men Over 30 tomorrow. This time I bottom for the very HOT and SEXY Tristan Jaxx. The 2nd bottoming scene in my career. (Unless you count the 2 flip-flop scenes or the 3 Butt Machines that I did. LOL)

I actually met Tristan on Saturday night when I was out grabbing a drink with friends at a new club here in Fort Lauderdale. Howard from Fabscout introduced us by saying, "Nick, this is the guy that's gonna fuck you on Tuesday." He can be so classy sometimes. Tristan responded by shaking my hand and saying, "Well, I guess that's your Christmas gift." Talk about introductions! I liked him immediately.

You guys already know that I'm really shy when I first meet people so I probably came off as a weirdo, but I hope we have more time to make a connection on the ride in my truck down to Miami tomorrow to film our scene.

I checked out his photos online and I gotta say that he's one of those guys that photos don't do any proper justice too. I thought he was much sexier in person. He's rugged looking, furry, and a little shorter than me. JUST my type in every way! From the photos I saw online I know he has a pretty big dick. It looked about the same size as mine. It will be like fucking myself I guess. I nice change after the cold, impersonal fuck machines at Butt Machine Boys. You know they didn't even send a Christmas card or and email after our shoot! LOL

Anyway, say a little prayer when you think of me getting pounded by Tristan Jaxx tomorrow in Miami. I think I might just need it for this one.


Stan said...

Good luck Nick! Lucky for you. I read where he and Tristan Phoenix are no longer together.
You two will make for a hot scene for sure.

Jambrea said...

Oh, I've seen him in action. you should have fun! I'm sure you will look HOT together.

Good Luck and enjoy. :)

Unknown said...

What! can not wait to see tha,t let us know how it goes, take some pics for us. your so sexy Nick with a big heart.