Friday, December 11, 2009

A HUGE pain in the ass

I'd like to introduce you to my two scene partners from yesterday's shoot.

First we have The Crystal Palace.

Next we have The Dragon.

How did my Butt Machine Boys shoot go? You guys are gonna have to wait to find out for yourselves.

I was really nervous before the shoot started because this is way out of my comfort level. I don't play with toys at all in my private life and I very rarely bottom. So getting pounded by dildos mounted on huge fucking machines terrified me.

One thing I will say about the shoot... If you know anything about me, you know that if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it BIG and EXTREME. I mean, why bother doing something if you're not going to take it all the way to the limit. And take it to my limit I did. But you guys can be the judge of that.

About the other HUGE pain in my ass...

I know I said I was going to put the libelous story out of my mind but one of my biggest personal flaws is that I keep trying to fix things. I keep trying and trying to get things to work when sometimes the right thing to do is just give up.

So I emailed the porn gossip blog that shall not be named and asked them to please remove the libelous statements that they printed, and gave them an actual quote from me on the whole thing.

What did they do? They did not remove the lies. They left them and crossed them out so that you could still read them. And then they pulled out bits of my quote and stuck them together so that it worked with their story and did not convey my message and tone of my quote.

Basically... they suck. I can't fix their suckiness. I can take this to a higher level and threaten them or get others involved (believe me, I have personal friends who are going through EXACTLY the same thing with them RIGHT NOW) and try to force their hand and get them to pull the story. But doing that will only call more attention to them and the thoughtless, mean-spirited, lies that they print with the intention of hooking readers into their made-up dramas.

I have gotten nothing but positive support and feedback from everyone with this so I guess it really should not be an issue for me. But really... no one likes to be portrayed as something they are not. So I'm going to let it drop. I have too many great things in my life... true things in my life to focus on.

I guess the other alternative is the one that Eric Rhodes suggested on the shameful website yesterday after they posted something so horrible that they should really, really be ashamed of themselves. His idea after reading the fucked-up article was...

"Adam just drove me past the Naked sword office here in San Fran... maybe i might just fucking snap and pulls the first gay porn virginia tech... i been contemplating on how to make my name live forever... ya know besides john holmes's huge cock he had the Wonderland murders... i see shit about that all they time on vh-1.....
yeah... the naked sword murders.... hmmmm..."

That's not my style. But maybe the evil gossip porn blog that shall not be named should really take some note of the comment before someone on their end gets hurt for a change. And not just their reputation.


blacknoon said...


Nobody like getting their name dragged through the mud. You could work with others and file a class action lawsuit. Expensive and time consuming and may well not be worth it. Just look at any hollywood celeb vs gossip paper fight. Then again, such a thing could bring a lot of media spot light on you and jump you up a few points on the fame ladder.

And just to let you know, from what you post and your emails, you are a ver kind, considerate, passionate person I would love to meet in person one day. Though I do wish you could respond more often to our post but I know you have a busy schedule and many friends.


P.S. -
Love the road pizza pic. LOL

Damien said...

I think a Naked Sword boycot is required.

Robert A. Geise said...

You're so much better than they are, Nick. Barring legal action, you've done what you could, which is to contact the source and give them your side of the story and ask that they remove the offending material. Beyond that, it's not worth any more of your time. You've posted your rebuttal here in your own blog, and that's good enough for your true admirers and friends.

Sir's Boy said...

CAn't wait to see!

Phil's said...
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Anonymous said...

I was the one who informed you of the sword posting - and I will play devils advocate here...just on behalf of free speech and all[it is important]
If they were to remove the 'lies' it would be a confusing retraction with out it. So they need to reference it, and then include your perspective on it.

If anything, you should contact the source and request they make a statement that they didn't state what was quoted or it was misrepresented by the sword writers.

I think your best bet is to contact the source and say, 'hey, what's up with that?'

If they value your friendship they will make a statement on your behalf. Writing and bitching about it on the blog won't make a difference. Get the source to clarify the context of the statement or retract it altogether.

I do find it interesting that the sword takes an active interest in you - this appears to be the third article in the last couple of months, maybe someone has a crush at the sword? Just trying to get your attention.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to start a rumor... Nick moretti punched me in the head too! Pay me for my story SWORD!

Phil's said...
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Nick Moretti said...
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Nick Moretti said...

For the record...

The "source" and I just drove 4 hours in my truck, spent the day filming 3 scenes together, and are now going to grab some dinner and drive 4 hours home. And no one was punched in the head. LOL

It's better just to let it drop at this point. I'm glad to get attention from a popular blog. I'm NOT happy to be labeled an abuser from someone else's drunken encounter at a bar. But let's put it to rest and move on.

Frank said...

I know your not a violent person.I now know that the Sword is just as worse as the Star Magazine.You have my support!

Anonymous said...

OK, I am sick to death of reading that Erik Rhodes shit about going "all Virginia Tech." He seems to be fixated on that shooting—he has also posted on his own blog that he thought about telling his therapist about his thoughts of going VA Tech with a gun in his old gym. It is so not funny; it is not clever; and given the state of his mind (going by his blog and the fact that he keeps saying it in regards to every situation), it does not seem like something entirely out of the range of possibility. For him to make light of that situation (and I actually hope that's all it is) is reprehensible; for you go to give it more play is also.