Sunday, December 13, 2009


My Steel Mill Media shoot with Luke Riley that has been getting so much attention lately is finally over. How did it go?

It was fucking ELECTRIFYING!


The two of us played off each other so well. We both took turns domming and subbing and then had a special contest at the end to wrap up the shoot. I won't tell you who won that one!

Let me tell you, there is some HEAVY electro-play in this video. Some of the electro stuff that Luke did to me I have never seen done anywhere! Closest thing I could think of is Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars movie where he tells Luke Skywalker... "And now young will die!" as the sparks fly out of his hands. It was that extreme. Big jolts of electricity flying through the air... at my naked body! I don't think my nipples will ever be the same. LOL. The smell of burning hair on my chest, stomache and legs filled the room. That's how strong the shocks were. It should look really, really great on video.

The guys at Steel Mill Media are AWESOME to work with and Luke is as talented as he is hot. We ended up finishing up the day by pigging out at The Olive Garden before we hoped in my truck and drove the long drive back to Fort Lauderdale. What an awesome shoot and a great day.

Here are a couple of photos I took with my iPhone.

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Stan said...

Looking forward to seeing this. Everything else you've done with Steel Mill Media has been great so this should be good too. Great shot of Luke on that horse!