Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pornapalooza Redux

I always say that things in the porn biz change so quickly that you just have to go with the flow. My upcoming work trip is no exception.

I was originally supposed to fly out on Friday, film Bound Gods on Tuesday and Butt Machine Boys on Thursday, take a break and nurse my wounded butt in San Francisco for the weekend, and fly home on Monday. Well, all that has changed. About 20 times already!

The first change was that Pantheon Productions asked me to do a scene with a new Daddy they were flying into town. They wanted me to bottom for him. Hell... after Butt Machine Boys that shouldn't be a problem!

The next change was that the dates for filming didn't work out and that got scrapped.

Then I found out that the show that Rita Moreno was doing in Fort Lauderdale, and had personally asked me to go to, was on Friday night. So that meant changing my flight to Saturday morning.

Next up I got a call from asking if I would like to represent them at a leather theme fundraiser and celebration event to be held in a private home that will be attended by affluent donors. Awesome! I checked out the charity and it is for a great project: The HIV Story Project. You can check out more information about this here. It takes place on Thursday night, right after I finish getting my butt pounded by Wall-E, Robocock and their friends.

Great! So everything was set.

And then it changed... again.

I got a call from Steel Mill Media asking if I was available on Saturday, Dec. 12th to film in Orlando Florida. Ugh. I was planning to spend the weekend after the shoots and fundraiser in San Francisco with friends.

No thought needed on this one. I had such an awesome experience when I worked with Dire and Steel Mill Media on the film "Bullwhipped" and I hoped for the chance to work with them again. And I really, really need the money. That meant changing my flight back from Monday to Thursday night. So now my Thursday will consist of mechano-butt-pounding, followed by a fundraiser, and then a race to the airport to take the red-eye home so I can get ready to make the 4 hour drive to Orlando for the Steel Mill Media shoot. Gonna have to do a lot of meditating to get through this week.

I'm really looking forward to the crazy week ahead of me. I need to get out of my house and live a little. Having the stomach bug and exploding from every orifice for a couple of days and then the nasty MRIs really put me in a mood. Not a good mood. (Oh... a little side note: a friend at the gym jokingly named the stomach bug that I just got over "Assatitus". He's not too far from the truth. I knew that ass didn't taste quite right.)

And one more thing...
Can you guess which one of the guys in this picture is going to be my scene mate for the Steel Mill Media shoot?
This photo was taken at the Armory the day after I filmed my Bound Gods shoot last month. My friends Josh, Kain, and Luke were filming a 3-way scene that day. Sometimes it all feels a little incestuous.


Anonymous said...

I know who it is! *snicker* sounds like you can have a little fun with it.

Stan said...

Your schedule has my head spinning! The airlines must love you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say, I can't follow your schedule at all!!! But have fun with it!!!

blacknoon said...

Seems like the almighty poked his finger in your affairs and answered a prayer. Something special is comming your way in the near future. Grab it and run with it and don't let go!



Anonymous said...

nick! i know who it is youre talking about in this post, but i need more info so i can write it up. this is such a fun story. please email when you can.

gpcrush said...

J looks really so handsomme in that suit. Great you've made me miss you both in a single post.


love you.