Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rita Moreto blows chunks

I just got off my flight from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas and am racing to make my connecting flight to San Francisco. I only slept about 3 1/2 hours last night so my ass is dragging today. There is always so much last minute prep work for these trips. Wash this, pack that, dye this, trim that. You'd think I'd get better at all thus considering how long I've been at it.

And now for my review of Rita Moreno's concert....


I don't mean that it sucked or that she was bad. I mean that she spent the night in her dressing room throwing up. Apparently, she either got food poisoning from following my friend Greg's suggestion that she eat lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, got sick from the Swine Flu shoot that she was so excited to see was available at a local pharmacy and had to have, or ate some bad ass like I did last week. Somehow I doubt it's the last one.

Anyway, I won't be posting any pictures of Rita and I together today. I didn't have the heart to go back stage and interrupt her vomiting for a photo op. And what if she was contagious1

So the show was cancelled. No
one was more upset about it than Rita. It was the first night of her tour and it really was a depressing start. Hopefully, she is feeling better today and can perform tonight.

The night wasn't a total bust though. The VIP reception was nit cancelled and my friends and I feasted on some great food and free wine and champagne. It was awesome if you knew how to navigate around the farting, blue haired, old people that usually make up the majority in attendance at this kind of event in South Florida. I've gotten very good at it. Learning ti recognize when they get the "where am I and what am I doing here" face that tends to appear when they are stopped at a traffic light, waiting in line at the supermarket, or asked by a server at a buffet what they would like. That's when I move in and snatch up that dish of tortellini with spinach, mushrooms and pesto sauce. Get out of my way bitch and give me that empanada and nobody gets hurt. It's survival of the fittest baby!


Stan said...

Poor Rita. Hope she recovers. Have a great trip out to SF again Nick.

Jambrea said...

Well darn, I hope she feels better soon. I'm glad you still had a great time. :)

David Mason said...

I HEART the Cheesecake factory, I know people hate on me for it but I LOVE IT. Id eat there every day if I could! Ever see Rita on the Golden Girls... GU/h she sucked HARD, it was WEIRD. I like her because she was on Sesame street as a kid so I watched it but it made me think.. Maybe Rita Moreno suck and I dunno it.