Monday, August 3, 2009

Master Nick Loves You!

Here is the official trailer for my latest Bound Gods video "Kink University". Hope you like!
Click here to view my latest Bound Gods video.

This is one of the MOST FUN scenes I've EVER done. Hope you guys like!

Did you vote for me yet?
Do I need to tie your ass up to the desk and beat you until you do?

PLEASE click over to the Cybersocket Awards nomination page and vote for this blog in the Best Adult Blog category and while you're at it vote for my website for the Best Porn Star Site. Hell... vote for me in every category!
If you haven't checked my website out DO IT! No other porn star has more FREE XXX Photos and FREE XXX Video samples. NO ONE! And it's all because I love you guys. (OK... that even made me a little sick. LOL)

Anyway, I'll keep posting these HOT clips if you guys vote for me.
And if you already voted get your FRIENDS to vote or YOUR MOM!
My mom would have voted for me if she was still alive.
(Now THAT was a shameless vote getting tactic if I ever saw one!)


Stan said...

Where do we sign up for your class for the fall semester?

Stan said...

Also don't forget you also have to enter your e-mail address to confirm your nomination.

Pick said...

Definitely time to go back to school ... I need a career change. ;o{)

Sue said...

Um, I already voted but could use a bit of time up on the desk... said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Well, I might sell you my vote, but it won't come cheap...or painless! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got my degree and have never wanted to go back to school, but this makes me reconsider

Unknown said...

I do love this scene it is very hot & sexy from start to finish I give it 5 stars can't wait to see you in more action. btw im enjoy a cheeseburger lean pocket yum.

Tball said...

I need to make room in my porn-site budget for a Bound Gods membership (I have one for Men in Pain and Captive Male -- and speaking of those, I still harbor a fantasy of you doing a scene for either). They've assembled some really great content there now that they've been operating for a good while.