Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dick is the answer!

I guess I found out the answer to the pizza or dick question. Tasty!


Stan said...

I wouldn't mind a serving of that.

Anonymous said...

Get someone to ride it.

Anonymous said...

Did you find the dick I mean the dick of your dreams? :-) Glad you are having a fantastic vacation (much needed).

Party on!
Lee :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't read today.....Did you find the dick I mean the man of your dreams? Just trying to be funny.

Pick said...

WOW! And I'm sure he's a ugly as the butt end of a bull dog too ... since ya didn't show his face an' all. ;O{) Hawt Day-um! Yum and all that!

I'm really glad you're having such a great time Nick.

Anonymous said...

dick is ALWAYS the answer Nick... now post another vid of your dick spurting cum..... the last one made my crazy pill erection challenged cock rock hard!