Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to the ranks of the unemployed

It happened yesterday. I can't say I was surprised. I can't say I'm happy. After 19 years with my company I got canned. Talk about having the rug pulled out from under your feet.

So what do I do now? I've already started looking for a new job and putting my online portfolio together. Jobs are scarce and applicants are abundant. In the mean time I have bills. Lots, and lots of bills. Like most Americans I have no savings. I live... lived paycheck to paycheck. That means I'm about one from complete financial catastrophe.

I went ahead and kept my appointment to finish most of the work on the lower part of my new sleeve. It really came AWESOME and I have to say the pain was not so bad this time. Probably because I had just gotten the phone call about being let go right before he started work on it and I was still numb.

I'm putting all my efforts into getting more work now. Sending emails to whatever connections I have. Talking to friends about the possibility of some new ventures. So, I can't say that I'm panicking yet. I should have moved on from my old, "stable" job years ago, but fear held me back. Every year it got worse and worse and the people I was surrounded by got more bitter and horrible to work with. It got to the point where I made my own little bubble to protect myself from them and their negativity. That's no way to live. I really do believe that this was meant to happen. That it will take me to the next level in my life. New doors will open and I will be happier than I have ever been. I just have to not let fear hold me back. Right now I feel ungrounded. But you have to be ungrounded if you want to fly. I'm ready to fly!


Stan said...

The sleeve looks great Nick! Sorry to hear the news about losing your job.
I've been living the "bare minimum" lifestyle for a few years now having to do without a lot of things I was used to. I wish I could say you get used to it but you really don't. Hang in there and keep up that positive attitude you seem to have that I struggle daily with. Good luck to you Sir!

Unknown said...

wow i am so sorry to hear that.

Jim said...

What kind of work did you do?...from the job you were let go of...we know what else you do :-)
Also, file for your unemployment benefits immediately if you're eligible. I collected for a spell last year (I even went a bit into the extended benefits). Most of all best of luck with your future endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that-but I also know what its like to be stuck in a dead-end job and sometimes the universe gives up the kick in the pants that we need.

Don't look back,this is an opportunity and if you can creatively use your talents to get the bills paid, then the next big thing will be ready and waiting for you. Hang in there!

wdavi said...

I'm so sorry about your job loss! Keep up with the positive attitude. Something is bound to turn up! Good luck!

Sue said...

Sorry to hear about this, but you did kind of see it coming. I agree, sign up for those unemployment benes toute suite! You've earned those for sure after 19 fucking long years!!! Well, fuck that company for firing your ass after all that time! They don't know what they are losing, that is for sure.

You've got the right attitude; start fresh and be optomistic.

Jambrea said...

Sorry about your job, but I am crossing my fingers something good comes along.

I agree with everyone...sign up for your benifits as soon as possible. :)

Good luck and that tat looks SO good! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick,
Your sleeve is great. Glad you are getting it finished. Sorry about your job situation. You never know what is going to happen while you are on vacation. Hang in there. Sounds like you are bouncing around some options. Like Sue said, "It's a fresh start and be optomistic". And somtimes a big HUG helps out. :-) So here is a BIG HIG......:-)


Anonymous said...

hey Nick,I to lose my job in 2005. It wasn't easy bouncing back. I'm doing ok now. Like Stan said living on the "bare minimum". I once lived a comfortable life style.I thank God for my health and that I'm able to work, where as some people aren't physically able to work and are jobless.

Seriously for some part time work try or I new a hot stud from FT. Lauderdale that advertised in for extra cash...I must say he was hot.

Anonymous said...

?? 'Negativity' - I thought they were accepting of your porn performing?

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this, but your career in graphic design is over. You shouldn't have waited at that job like you did. Should have kept looking for better work.

Pick said...

Oh man Nick,

Don't pay too much attention to Mr./Ms. Doom & Gloom above me here. Jeesh, some people's children huh?

Anyway, just wanted to add my condolences to your news about the job. You know I've been there too and will be again, and it's rough, no doubt about it, but we do survive these things. The experience I'm having right now would not have happened had my work in Toronto not disappeared.

You'll land on your feet, and my guess is that you'll be better off. Hey, if worse comes to worse, I'll teach you to makes reeds and we can start a reed company together. LOL

Handsome tattoo on a handsome guy btw!

Cyber Hugs!

Pick said...

"makes" reeds ... lol. God I wish it was possible to edit out dumb mistakes on these things.

blacknoon said...


I'm so sorry to hear about the job loss. I lost my good job back in 2001 and spent 18 months looking for work before getting a job at a big box retailer at 40% cut in pay. It sucks but it pays the bills and now a little extra.

I agree with everyone else here. Apply for your unemployment benefits at once. Secondly, take any job you can get even it seems way below your standards. If it pays the bills, it's a good job.

Up here in the mitten state, graphic designers make around $8 an hour from what I've seen on craig's list. What a bunch of cheap asses! I would almost have to take a %50 pay cut to take one of those jobs.

Anonymous said...

Wow being canned after 19 years sucks...... Is f/t porn a possibility? You'd certainly be very good at it...... that wank vid below..... argh! YUM HOT!:)

Robert A. Geise said...

It's funny how you talk about the negativity. I make less money now than I did fifteen years ago (and only a bit more than half as much as I did when I was considered 'top earning'), yet I'm happier than I've ever been. However, I am consistently surrounded by negative, ugly, and conniving people who will do anything or everything they can to bring everyone they come in contact with down to their level. I can't and don't play into it.

I'm sorry you've lost your job and I am sending my positive thoughts and energies to help you in your quest for what's next in life.

Anonymous said...

hallo nick, i lost my work after 24 years in a company. and think what should i do. here in germany it is also not goog for jobs. but you are allright to think one door closed and another will be open. that become true too me. i find a new job an dhe is better than the old. i wish you the same. good luck. michael from germany

Unknown said...

Hey Nick, Like everyone, I am sorry about your situation. I too went throught the same thing. I was raised that you should stick with a company and it will do you alot of good in the future. WRONG!! I stuck with mine for 30 years. So I have specialized training for THAT job and nothing for the other measley jobs that are available. I have every confidence you will find something, and hopefully soon. As the old Mary Tyler Moore Show's theme said: "You're Gonna Make It After All".

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I've been out of work twice in my life. Neither time was giggles and rainbows. In one instance, I saw it coming and took steps to ensure I would find work quickly. I sent out 92 job applications with accompanying CV. One potential employer could not afford me, he said. Silly goose! One application delivered the goods, though.

Read the many messages you've received. There's a shitload of good stuff therein. You've got a great attitude.

Don't beat yourself over the job loss. You'll get past it.

Are you eligible for unemployment benefits? If the answer is yes, get a move on!

And don't grab just any job that comes your way. Choose wisely!