Monday, August 31, 2009

Back from the land of Doom and Gloom

You are all officially invited to The Miss Loca-Motion Pagaent 2009 tomorrow night at the DEPOT bar.

It's going to be a fun and crazy amateur drag contest benefiting The Wellness Center of South Florida. Oh... and I'm going to be one of the Special Guest Judges (Lord help me!). So come out and show your support!

See you all there at 9:00pm tomorrow night!

On the personal side of things...
I'm scrambling to try to put my life together... Filing for unemployment, checking on my 401K and ESOP money, finding out about health insurance, updating my resume and building a online website of my portfolio, emailing the porn companies and trying to get some more work with them and looking into starting my own at-home web porn company. GOD it's a lot of work!!!

Truth be told... I had a minor melt down last night and was briefly sucked down into the "woe is me land" of doom and gloom. But I smacked myself in the face, got my shit together, and I'm back on track again this morning.

Thanks for sticking with me you guys! I'm finally going to post some photos from my trip tomorrow. I was lucky enough to get some cool shots with a couple of well-known celebrities and I'll also post some photos of me where I'm high as a kite! (Don't worry... I'm not about to go tarnishing my squeaky clean image. LOL)


Jim said...

The meltdown was probably for the get it out of your system and then you can move on...sounds like your doing all the right things :)

Pick said...

I agree with JiffyJim ... meltdowns can be cathartic if you use them right. If you find yourself stuck in one however I now have "care-taker" experience and am free as of October 1st. ;o{)

blacknoon said...

Meltdowns are tough but you proved tougher by smacking yourself and getting your act together.

If you need help with your web site I'm an email away. I do primarily video but am working on my web master certificate. Got A's so far in the four classes I've taken so far. I don't know how much web stuff you've done you don't talk much about it and one thing I've learned so far that a web site you want to build will be very TIME CONSUMING if you're going at it alone.

You need friends right now, please don't push away with an I can do it all on my own mentality.

Hugs and kisses

Jambrea said...

I'm glad you're back from the doom and gloom. Have fun at the pagaent!

Stan said...

If I were in South Florida I would love to come to the drag Queen pagaent just to see YOU! Sounds like fun! Take care Nick!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as Stan,seriously if I wasn't half a world away stuck on a island in the indian ocean i would love to come to the drag Queen pagaent just to see YOU! Sounds like fun! Take care Nick!

I'm schedule to return home less then 2 weeks...i can't wait. maybe we could go out to lunch once i return my treat.