Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heading home! Umm... Never mind

Here's a video of Joe (usually referred to as "the ex") and I on the water taxi to the Boston airport. Vacation time is officially over. But that's ok. I had a GREAT week and I'm ready to get home to my puppy and my birds.

Unfortunately, Hurricaine Bill has another idea in mind for me. I was bumped off my first flight and I've been delayed for 8 hours already. at least I finally made it to Newark airport... Where I'm going to be spending the night at Newark while the storm passes. I bought some M&Ms, Twix, Kit Kat and Reese's bars and I took a pillow and blanket from my first flight.

I guess I'm in for a long night of annoying announcements, loud floor cleaning machines and bright airpot lighting. Maybe if I get bored with watching Robot Chicken episodes on my iPhone and reading my Harry Potter and Meditation Guide books I'll look for some ABS. (Just kidding. And SHAME ON YOU for knowing what that is! LOL)


Stan said...

Joe is a very good looking! You would be hard pressed to find an ABS in NJ these days Nick. They've all been busted and shut down by the cops. If there are any I'd be cautious of undercover cops.

Pick said...

Damn NIck! I missed ya by *that* much. As Maxwell Smart would say ... loved "Get Smart" as a kid. If I'd known you were stuck there I'd have had my "Charge" send his driver for you and you could have spent the night in the Catskills instead. lol

What a drag to wind up your vacation with an overnight in the airport. Hope you had today at home to recuperate.

Thanks for giving us a taste of P'town this past week ... glad you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lonely night at the airport in Newark.If I were in Hudson Valley NY,which is only about 1 hour 15 minutes from Newark Airpot I would have come picked up so you could rest up at my house.

Nick do you have a profile? if so my email address:

I deactivated my BM profile


Anonymous said...

On the bright side, at least you didn't visit P-town during LesboFest Weekend, as I did. (Mental note to self: Do not allow others to schedule P-town vacations on your behalf!)

I still owe you a B-Day Dinner! Please call me when you get home and settled in. Very busy here lately, plus major problems with the dachshund...

Hope you had a great vacation, hurricanes and all!

What's "ABS" by the way?
You know I don't get out much. :)

Have a safe flight home.