Thursday, August 27, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

My first week of unemployment is coming to an end. THANK YOU to everyone who sent well wishes and support my way. I know I'm not alone in this situation. Even though I have 1,000 fears lurking in the back of my mind, I'm feeling excited and positive. Life is going to change, for sure, but it's going to take me back to the things that are important. And those are the things that truly make you happy in the end. Of course, having health insurance would be nice. LOL

I've actually been busier than if I was working. Funny how that happens. Been trying to get some more porn shoots and appearances. I'm VERY HAPPY to say that is flying me out for Folsom again this year and for another Bound Gids shoot! It's going to be GREAT to shoot with them again! I can't believe who my scene partner is going to be. I'm also hoping that Pantheon comes through with a shoot while I'm out there.

Locally, I'm dancing in the cage at The Fort Lauderdale Ramrod on Labor Day weekend. Hopefully that puts sone money in my pocket. I'm also doing a favor for a friend and being one of the judges at the Miss Locamotion Contest at The Depot bar. A crazy, fun drag queen contest... That should be fun!

In the mean time, i haven't had as much time to jack off as I normally do. I'm down to 3-5 times a day. Seems like I've been posting a Jack off video every Friday lately but I decided to post something different this week. Hope you guys like! Sorry, it might not be your cup of pee... I mean tea. ;-)


blacknoon said...


Good to hear that you got some work comming your way. Hope you can continue in finding more work until you get your new 'day' job again.

This might be a good time to take up the suggestion I mentioned in the email I sent you a few weeks ago about that photo I sent you. You know, about selling autograph copies at shows. You could even try selling them online too!

Here is another suggestion, be a pest at and see if you can get a job doing cover artwork for the videos. It is something that can easily be done remotely in your own home.

Kisses and hugs!

Unknown said...

OMG WOW that was fucking hot man, damn I gotta take a second look lol very nice, glad to hear that you will be working again soon and can't wait to see your work too hope there could be some piss in it. Take Care

Stan said...

That's one way to christen that new shower!
Best of luck searching for more work I'm sure something will come up.
Another reason for Universal Health Care for EVERYONE in this country. If you get sick here in the US you lose everything you own!

Mike said...

Hey Nick,

Hang in there. I know transitions are tough but things are bound (ha ha) to open up for you. I've found that the best and most interesting opportunities in life are the one you couldn't have imagined until they're upon us. Good luck -- come visit Delaware someday! --Mike

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

Mike again... just figured out how to link my AOL name to the message.

Good luck with everything.

Robert A. Geise said...

You're a dirty boy! I like it.

Anonymous said...


JOLT said...

Pour a cup for me Nick.

Anonymous said...

NIck, best of luck with new employment. It is a hard transition.

What nights are you at Ramrod and Depot? I have wanted to see you in person, having read your blog for a while.

Ruffy said...

Good luck job hunting! If you ever need a helping hand in that shower...let me know! WOOF!

Unknown said...

Hey Nick,
Just discovered your blog, and I just had to leave a comment: You're the sexiest man in porn!! I joined BoundGods because of you, so I'm delighted you're going back for more. I also think your shoot with Tyler for Naked Kombat was their best, simply because you seemed at risk of actually getting fucked! LOL Watching Tyler stretch out your torso, your cock so open and inviting with your legs spread, made me pop load after load after load! How about a rematch?!

Stay positive, and good things will come your way!