Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tying up loose ends

I've been working like CRAZY trying to tie up loose ends here in Florida before my move on Thursday to San Francisco.

Been trying to spend as much time with my pup as possible since I will probably not be taking her to California for a couple of months.

Took a break from life last night and made some home made pizza. Been a LONG time since I connected with my Brooklyn roots. I needed that.

Also been running back and forth to doctors trying to make sure everything is cool before I leave. NOT fun!

Finally tackled my back yard after a really long time of ignoring it. It looks awesome now though.

Now I have to finish cleaning up the inside of my house and pack my clothes and whatever else I'm going to bring with me. Only 5 more days left till I move!!!

Here are some photos of everything I just talked about...


Jambrea said...

Great picture and that pizza looks YUMMY!!!!

I am so excited for you!!! Good luck and safe travel.

joyroett said...

YAY you! I hope SF is awesome for you.

The pizza looks YUM!

Jacob said...

like what the other 2 commentors had said, the pizza looks YUMMY!!!! wish i could have a slice of it ;)

glad you're so excited over the moving. hope you have fun in SF. you deserve to have fun, babe.

looking forward to more news from you.

your loyal fan,

Anonymous said...

Wow ! I just read your news in the previous post. Fantastic news Nick, I really hope it all goes well for you.

You've been looking for change ( or so it seems to me from reading you here) and I'm really glad that this is happening for you.

Stan said...

I'd like to order a pizza, with you as my "Topping!"
Best of luck with the move Nick!

alleen said...

Thanks for the pictures. Hope that SF brings you a lot of luck.

Luke Riley said...

Hey sir Im srry I couldnt be part of geting your back yard together handsome. I lost my phone on a connection and I apoliogize. IF you could email me ur number let me know what day your leavein i would atleast like to hang before you leave.