Thursday, October 28, 2010

New beginnings

I just boarded my flight to San Francisco. Something I do quite often. But today is different. Very different. Today I'm not only flying to a different city... I'm flying to a different life. With different possibilities.

The Fort Laudetdale Porn Posse met me out for farewell drinks last night. Tim (Tim Kelly), Matt (Matt Rush), Alessio (Alessio Romero) who is visiting, and our friend Jacques who, although not a porn star, has more sex than all of us combined.

I aslo had a farewell dinner with my good friend Michael and my friend John. Nice.

There are things I'm gonna miss. Joe, who's been there for me even when we were on the outs. Will be interesting to see where our relationship goes from here. My dog. Three months without her will suck. My birds. My fish. But I won't miss Bubba, my hamster. He's in my bag in the overhead compartment.

About to take off. Here we go!


Jim said...

Congrats, Nick! Always enjoy your blog and stories. Hope you & Bubba arrive safely :)

Jambrea said...

I'm so excited for you! Wishing you safe travels!

Sue said...

Bonne chance mon ami!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I wonder what the hamster looks like on the x-ray machine! Good luck to you on your new adventure. -tom

alleen said...

I am so glad for you. Hope you are really having a great time in SF, and that your new job brings you luck.

Leatherpigboy said...

Wishing you the very best and safe travels! The unexpected can be exciting so enjoy!

Pick said...

Truly exciting Nick ... I hope this will be everything you've dreamed it would be.

Hmmm, with Bubba in the carry-on, I can't help but wonder if airport security thinks you might be related to Richard Gere. ;oP
(Ok, I know, only a truly twisted and depraved mind would go there.) lol

Triston said...

Nick! Hope you have a great time and enjoy SF..I will have to come and visit. LOL.

BIG HUGS said...

Nick take a look at forum of Boundgods Re: Nick Moretti Asst Director KinkMen and my challenge to you and Van.....let me know what you think ......all the best to you

Anonymous said...

Welcome to SF! Go get 'em!

Damien said...

Mazel Tov and may HaShem walk with you on this new journey.


jinx said...

I'm a wee bit late in saying 'have a safe journey' but hope you and bubba enjoyed your flight anyway.

I wish you well in your new job - I'm sure you will achieve all that you want to - and more.

Looking forward to reading your blog (when you have time!) letting us know all about what you are doing now.

Love to you and Bubba and all the other animals and birds who I'm sure will catch up with you soon and enjoy their new home!

Jacob said...

(: i can feel your excitement and happiness in this post. am really happy for you(:

looking forward to hearing how the security would react when they see Bubba in your luggage through the x-ray machine :D

stay safe, Nick.

your loyal fan,