Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meeting Franchesco Macahdo

God, it's been almost a week since my last post. Sorry guys. This week has been crazy busy with catching up with home stuff, working out, real work, and that stupid little cold slowed things down just a bit.

Good news is I'm feeling much better (except for a little bit of a runny nose and the sniffles, which some over-the-counter cold medication is taking care of. More good news is that I'm at the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting for my flight to San Francisc0. Ten days in the city that I love so much and two shoots for the company that I love so much... Bound Gods.

I still have so many stories to tell from my Folsom/GAYN Awards week. One that really left an impression on me involved someone who I had a little incident a while back, due to a post I did on my blog.... Franchesco Machado

Saturday night during my Folsom/GAYVN week, I had finally finished my last shoot for the week and now I could go and have fun. The Folsom Street Fair was in the morning so I couldn't have too much fun. Didn't want to look worn out. LOL

I was dancing with my friend Paul from Fort Lauderdale and over at the bar I see Damien Crosse and Franchesco Macahdo. I remember Damien from when he lived and bartended in Ft. Lauderdale, although I can't say we ever did more than nod our heads, "Hi", at each other. He always seemed like such a nice guy though. Franchesco I never actually met... unless you count the encounter on the Atlantis cruise many years ago, when I had no idea who he was. Not even sure if he was doing porn back then. Anyway, we had a random, stupid encounter and I formed a bad opinion of him.

Damien came over and we started talking for a while. He was telling me how he had been traveling for a while and couldn't wait to get home. While we were talking I saw Franchesco wave to him and call him over. Ugh. I thought for sure that Franchesco was going to tell him, "Why the hell are you talking to that jerk?"... speaking about me.

A minute later Franchesco appears beside me. "You know I am really not an asshole", he tells me.

Oh my God. I just fucking melted. My face flushed with embarrassment and I stammered.

"I never even really met you... so how could I know if you were an asshole." I'm so sorry that I wrote that on my blog." Don't remember the exact words, but it was something like that.

We went on to talk for a while and he was SO FREAKIN NICE! I felt like a huge ass, but he made me feel really comfortable. I told him how Sue (from Fair View) came to his defense when I had posted negatively about him. (I need to post about my meeting her. I have wanted to meet her for a LONG time and I was NOT disappointed. What an awesome woman.).

Franchesco invited me over to the bar for a drink, but since the fair was in the morning, and I didn't exactly know what my involvement in it would be, I declined. I then went into complete dork mode and told him he had a very sexy voice. And he did. In my initial post I had said that he had an effeminate voice. Not sure what I had been hearing on that cruise. It was a "party" cruise after all so who knows! LOL.

Anyway, I'm SO GLAD that Franchesco was man enough to come over to me because I don't know if I would have had the courage to go up to him. I'd like to think I would have mustered up that courage... but who knows. And I'm glad I got a chance to actually form a real opinion of him. Hot and Nice! (Actually... REALLY Hot and REALLY Nice!


Sue said...

See! I hate to be an I told you so, but... LOL! Thanks for the link and the mention Nick! Francesco does indeed have a very sexy voice; the rest is pretty nice too. I was very impressed with you as well Mr. Moretti. But I am not finished writing about those encounters yet... said...

saw the Bound in Puplic preview today wow saw you rimmng in public thats a very gutsy move Nick