Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving on to Halloween

(Note: lots of pictures with this post so make sure you keep scrolling down.)
I got to San Francisco on Thursday with some clothes, some books, my leather and gear, my bicycle in a box dissasembled, and my little Roborovski Russian Dwarf Hamster Bubba. Actually, I was not allowed to take Bubba on the plane, either with me in the cabin or below with my luggage and bike, but I took an educated risk. And it worked! I put Bubba in a very small tupperware container with large holes punched in the top, and lots of bedding material. I put that in my napsack and surrounded it with all kinds of confusing crap like, rulers, pens and pill bottles. He made it through security with no problem! Unfortunately, his cage, which was taken apart and packed with my bicycle, didn't quite make it. The TSA fuckers went through my bike box and broke his cage... among other things. So one of the first things I did when I got here was run out and buy him a new cage. Unfortunately, they only had a bright pink one at the pet shop in the neighborhood. I guess a "Welcome to San Francisco" is in order for little Bubba!

I have not rested for one minute since I got here. Thursday I spent packing and getting acquainted with my new roommate. I have NEVER had a roommate before. It's kind of strange, but also kind of cool. It's nice to have another human around.

Friday, I did some food shopping, went to the gym, had dinner with my friend Dane, and took my bike to the bike shop to reassemble (the guy at the bike shop in Florida said it was so easy to put back together that even a kid could do it. Well, I wish there was a kid around to do it because I was fucking lost!

I got home from all my errands and realized I was going to be late for my Bound in Public shoot! They asked me to be an "extra" and just have the guy blow me and then cum on his face, but when I got there I somehow turned into the lead Dom for the entire shoot. Can't say I'm complaining. I LOVE it when that happens!

I had been wanting to meet Dominik Rider for quite a while so I was freakin thrilled to actually get to work with him. He was the sub for the shoot and was appropriately named "Slut Puppy" by one of the public audience participants. After I fucked him for about an hour I renamed him my little "Pound Puppy". Tristan Jaxx was at my side and the public participators were HOT! It really was an awesome, awesome shoot.

Saturday, I went to the gym, did some more errands, and picked up some liquor for the place. Coconut Rum, Hot Sake, Cold Filtered Sake, Amaretto, Sangria, and Sweet Vermouth. I think I'm set for a while! LOL

Saturday night I met my friends Leo Forte and Drew Cutler and we went out to SOMA to TRUCK bar to celebrate Halloween. I think the whole city was in costume! Leo and Drew were AWESOME vampires. It looked so real and HOT! I had brought a United States Postal Service T-shirt that I actually hand painted a few years back, and I went as a Postal Worker gone Postal. People kept jumping when they saw me and I got tons of comments on how sick it looked so I guess it worked! Sister Roma hosted the costume contest which was kind of lame. Aren't they always? Leo, Drew and I all ended up at a Tacqueria afterward eating some really good Spanish food and laughing.

Today I kept my lazy ass in bed until about 1:00pm! I can't remember the last time I did that. I did some errands, picked up my bike, met my friend Aaron for a drink and watched game four of the Word Series at 440 Bar. The San Francisco Giants kicked ass! What a great time to have moved to this city.

Right now, I'm in bed (under the covers because it's kinda cold here) and writing this post. Sorry it's been a few days since the last one. I tried to put a lot in this one to make up for it. And I've added picture to illustrate everything I have been talking about. Hope you like!

Tomorrow is my first day as a full-time employee. I am EXCITED as all hell!!! Let's just hope I survive my bike ride to work in the morning. Please say a prayer, or send good vibes, or whatever it is you do, my way. I could use the positive reinforcement.


alleen said...

Hi Nick, thanks for the nice pictures you looks very scary. It is good to read that you are setteld down a little bit, and Bubba is oke ( nice a pink cage). Wish you all the luck at You will make it!! said...

you will be great at have not replied to my challenge on the forum of bound gods neither has Van

Jacob said...

you definitely look scary in the halloween picture! i got freaked out a little when i scrolled down. haha! it just showed that your halloween costume is a success!

poor Bubba looked so squashed in that tiny little container! :( haha, hope he's happy in his pinkish cage now!

glad you're happy with your new job! looking forward to the day Master Van will allow you to top him, just to satisfy the viewers' wants! :D

your loyal fan,

Stan said...

I'm glad you and Bubba made it out there safely. Good luck on your first day at I'm sure that will go well for you too.

Jim said...

Happy to see your post and that all is well with you on the west coast :) Happy Bubba got to make the trip (I kinda like the new cage...if I were a hamster I'd think "FUN!" & the color isn't too bad). You DO look scary in your Halloween costume...very real & real scary :)
Hope all goes well with the roommate...who wouldn't want Nick Moretti as a roommate!?
Good luck with the new job!

Robert A. Geise said...

Congrats on the changes in your life, hopefully for the better.

Carrie cmc710 said...

Hi, Nick: One of my fellow female fans of Bound Gods and BIP let me know about your blog. We are all abuzz in the Kink forums about your new position, couldn't be happier about it. Congratulations, and I hope the good things in your life will continue to multiply. Bubba is so cute, I saw that breed of hamster at the pet store and they were all popping around their cage like little furry popcorn. I can't believe you got away with smuggling him on the plane, haha! My aunt didn't, but then she was trying to sneak on a whole dog, lol. Good luck in your new role at BG; we are rooting for you and have every confidence in you!