Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I won't miss about South Florida

Only 3 days until I move to San Francisco. To say I am overwhelmed by all of the things I have to do would be a HUGE understatement. I'm taking it one step at a time though. So many steps left before I get on that plane on Thursday morning.

Last night I finally got a place secured for me to stay. I'm going to be sharing a big apartment with a guy who is only there on weekends. I had my friend Dane check it out and he said it's awesome. He also said the guy was really nice. On top of all that, it's in a GREAT location. Just about 3 blocks from Castro and Market. GAY CENTRAL! I've never lived in a gay neighborhood before. Or gone to a gay gym. Should be interesting... to say the least.

I just picked up my bike from the shop, where they gave it a tune-up, disassembled it, and boxed it so I can take it on the plane. That's going to be my transportation to my new job when I'm too lazy to walk. It's not such a long walk. I've done it 100's of times before.

Speaking of my new job...
I realize that I haven't revealed what it is yet. Only that it is with a company that I love, that it will be using ALL of my skills and it will give me the opportunity to learn a lot. I wonder if you guys have figured out what it is yet. I'll let you guys know in my next post... not that I'm certain that it's happening. I mean, after all, I start Monday! It's going to be a hard three months of on-the-job training ahead of me, but I am totally looking forward to it!

Oh.... and what the heck was the comment from "anonymous" saying that I already jinxed the job by calling it my "dream job"? Can't a guy be happy about something? Sometimes dreams do come true! Not for "anonymous" though. I deleted his comment.

Here's a little video I just put together that I thought you might think is funny. This has been my life for the last 21 years.


Jambrea said...

3 DAYS!!! Wow and totally cool. I envy you. I would love to just pick up and move, but too many obligations here. :)

I'm happy to hear you have a place to stay and can't wait to hear more about your dream job.

keeprnla said...

Green again.

Mathias N Oz said...

My ex used to live in Ft. Lauderdale, and I was always amazed at all the old people at the Publix... but who can complain to loudly about a town that has slammers?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new job, Nick. You have talked admiringly about Van Darkholme in your blog for a very long time. I see why you are so ecstatic about it as your dream job. This looks as if it should fit you like a glove.

One of the great cities of the world to boot. Break a leg.

blacknoon said...


Saw you on a documentary last night (10/25) on the National Geographic Show called Drugs, Inc. It was about Meth and the the effects it has on the users and makers. It had a section on the gay scene in S.F. especially the crystal meth club scene. They were showing videos of the Folsom street fair and there you were at the Kinks booth with Van zapping you. I recorded what I could and am sending it to you in parts because the file is a little big. It's in flash flv format so you should be able to view it on your mac.

Check your email.

Whishing you the best.

Hugs and kisses


rtmaster4all@yahoo.com said...

good luck as the new asst Director at Kink.com........I am sure you will learn all you have too.... Van is a good teacher and now that he has three sites needs a good man to help him and you are that man......go get'm Nick

alleen said...

Hi Nick, yesterday at the live show at Bound Gods we did hear that you were going to work at Kink men. This because a lot of people were asking where you were and if you come back. So pack your things and go there, we are happy that you get to work there.

Jacob said...

judging by what rtmaster4all@yahoo.com said, i guess you're gonna become the assistant director at Kink.com? not sure if it's true, but if it is.. GREAT FOR YOU!!! :D you're so gonna be great at it(: to be able to work for something you love is a blessing from above. not many people are able to have that. but im glad you're one of those blessed ones(:

when you become the assistant director, i hope that one day.. we might get to see Van being tied up and topped by you ;)

alright. hope to hear from you soon, babe.

your loyal fan,

CT said...

you're a paparazzo hehe

Michael said...

Over the last 15 years, we've certainly had our share of highs and lows but I'm not writing to revisit any of that.

The truth is, we used to be really good friends (or so I thought). Even though that friendship is on the rocks, I hope you realize that I wish the best for you and that I also "know" this California thing is the right move - in every way.

The ironic thing is I've never even watched your videos, but I'm sure if you're involved in production, the industry better brace itself for an explosion of talent!!

Just so you know...
I was tempted not to say goodbye in a blog post - it's so impersonal, but you know our past, so like me, maybe you can just smile and laugh about it.(?)

I know you're always going to land on your feet (at a minimum), and frankly, I have high expectations that your life going forward is going to be fantastic!

Stephen said...

All the best in your new place and your new job. SF is the BEST!

Beach Man said...

Your going to love living in the City. Welcome To California!Come down to Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay when you get settled. You'll love it. I just found you blog and I live near Santa Cruz I go by Beachman

Beach Man said...

Your going to love living in the City. The weather beats Florida any day. Come down to Santa Cruz and the Monterey Bay when you want a small getaway. That is where I live. Welcome to California!!!

Mark said...

Joan Rivers lives in South Florida? :)

Derek Pain said...

Hey Nick

Derek Pain here:

I heard a rumor which is no longer a rumor. I didnt know you had a blog until Michelle pointed it out. It looks great!

I also wanted to say congratulations on your new job you sly dog and all you had to do was beat up a few guys. If we could all advance like that..lol

Just kidding you earned it!

So am I going to have to call you sir next time I am on set? Or will you be doing any more domming?

BTW I didnt see you at Folsom I was looking for you..I know you were there...maybe it was because Van had me tied up and out on the street?

I got sick on my last day in SF ended up with Pneumomia. It was a really bad case coughed all the way home on the plane...9hrs of hell..lol. The doc wanted me in the hospital but I refused so they jamned two long needles in my ass and slapped a bottle of anti biotics in my hand and sent me home. 3 1/2 weeks later and my bod is back in action.

Anyway nuff bout me..I am
"very" happy for you and hope to see you at the armory. You are a great addition to Kink and will bring fresh ideas for certain!

Huggs and Tuggs!

Tball said...

I'm behind on all my blogs after my trip overseas. I am SO THRILLED for you. And, from a purely selfish standpoint, I'm glad I'll probably get to see you more often since you're living in a city I visit so often. =)