Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking a break in Sausaltio

I took a break from porn and life and hopped on a ferry to Sausalito. I had been there about 25 years ago with an aunt of mine so I honestly didn't remember anything about it.

Have to say it was an awesome day. The weather was warm and the ferry ride was beautiful. Even got to see Alcatraz pretty close up. (That's on my things to do next list.)

Once there I walked around, ate some Fresh Spring Rolls I had bought at The Slanted Door restaurant before I boarded the ferry, and managed to actually sit on the container with the peanut sauce. HOT! Ugh.

I walked around and took tons of photos and then found a nice spot by the water and took out some art supplies. Time flew as I was doing a pastel drawing of the rocks, water, boats and opposite shoreline.

Before I knew it I had like five minutes to get back on the ferry back. I made it and kept working on my drawing during the trip.

When I got to the other side I met my friend Dane at The Slanted Door restaurant, hung out with some of his coworker friends, downed some fresh oysters, and had a few awesome drinks. The Bees Knees is now my favorite drink!

I headed over to the Castro next for Gold's gym and had a great back workout. By the time I got out it was about 8pm and I was starving! Called my friend Leo Forte who had just finished filming Naked Kombat at Kink.com, and we met up at Firewood for some wine and dinner.

After dinner we were both in such a good mood we went to a cafe and had some desert and coffee. We hung for a long time and then he walked me back to the Armory to crash after a long but awesome day! I need more days like that. Don't we all?

Don't worry, tomorrow I'll do a post with naked photos and some hot, dirty porn stories. LOL For now, here are some photos I took during my trip to Sausalito. Hope you like!


Mark said...

SF is so beautiful!

Jambrea said...

Love the pictures! I think you really needed this. I'm very happy you're having a great time. :)

Stephen said...

Great pictures. I love Sausalito. So beautiful. Sounds like you had a great time. =]

Matt D said...

AWESOME photos, fella! Very nice. Enjoy your time off!

Jacob said...

yes Nick, you really need more days like this. days to give yourself a break and just relax. you've been working too hard. you need to relax, my dear.

i love the pictures cuz it definitely depict your awesome day(: im looking forward to your drawing being posted here! ;)

hope you're enjoying yourself(: cuz you deserve it, Nick. you deserve the break.

your loyal fan,

Pick said...

No wonder you love it out there so much. Sounds like a wonderful day.

For some odd reason the shot of the marina took my mind right to the opening sequence of "Gilligan's Island". LOL

I bet there are more guys out there than me who'd like to get a glimpse of your pastel drawing. Please!

alleen said...

Thanks for the pictures. I am glad you are having such a great time. Let us please see a picture of your drawing. Good luck today at Bound Gods.

Unknown said...

Wow I love seeing the water. It is always so peaceful. Alcatraz is still spooky did you see The Rock with Sean Connery and Nick Cage?