Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rotting death with a bow

I'm heading to the dentist right now. I can't remember the last time I've been to see one. 6 years or more. NOT GOOD! I take good care of my teeth every day but a dentist visit is way overdue.

Speaking of teeth... I got Cynder from the vet yesterday and they told me, again, how bad her teeth are. She's old and last time I had her teeth cleaned they handed me a baggie with all of the ones that fell out during the procedure. AND they charged for all of them. Almost $1000!

She only has a couple of teeth yet and I'm not sure putting her under the anesthesia at her age is a good idea. So I think she is just going to be a little stinky. I actually nicknamed her while I was talking to a friend in San Francisco about how much I missed her. The horrible nickname was... "rotting death with a bow". God is that mean. But I love the stinky little dog.

Here is a photo from yesterday's Cheerbeating Practice. Yup... I'm a sailor. I have to give you guys an update tomorrow on the really great stuff I have coming up. I just found out some GREAT news yesterday. And I finally did my taxes. Ugh. That's another story.


Stan said...

My 11 y/o cat has some missing teeth too but she still manages to eat and chew her food. I found the the Science Diet Oral formula takes care of her bad breath too. I've never fed her soft food ever. The hard stuff cleans their teeth better.
Bless her little heart! Cynder still looks cute to me. Almost as cute as her smokin' hot Master.

Anonymous said...

Dogs just give us such total unconditional love, it's always so hard when something bad happens to them and watching them get old before us. She's lucky to have you in her life.

Anonymous said...

Brush her teeth and use a canine mouthwash instead of trying to be cute. It's not exactly hard to do. If you love her take care of her.